The future of Zaka


That’s the AFL’s story on it. They say it’s banded by salaries, which fluctuate yearly so there’s no guarantee that the same 700k 4 year deal would result in equal, greater or lesser compensation from one year to the next.

I don’t think it’s supposed to be strictly formulaic anyway, they always add in a little “the AFL can alter clearly anomalous results” type caveat. I reckon they’d find a way for a good offer on Rockliff to change from end of round 1 to round 1 compensation for example, especially if there’s no Martin compensation to compare it to.


Geez. If you can outright buy your first home by age 25 the rest of your life is massively easier.

Anyway… Zaka.


liberal voter?


I wouldn’t get out of bed for under $200k a year (plus super, c*nts)


The reason the ■■■■ Reynolds Club started was to raise money to help out retired Bomber players get through life’s issues.

Many well- known former players do not live very well, and I was very surprised at some who need support, some were champs of the game.

Some Players end up wealthy if their income is well managed, but they are exceptions.


What a load of unmitigated tripe.


Thread delivers.


In career best form.
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So he’s the difference between winning and losing?


unmitigated means unqualified

Provide the evidence to back up your claims.

“You can’t tell me that when Zaharakis isn’t playing, that we lose our structure and our performance drops. We don’t rush him back in because he’s the difference between winning and losing.”

How many games did he miss last year and how many this year? In fact how many games has he missed in the past 5 years?

You threw out a line to back up your claim yet your line is full of tripe, simply because it is UNTRUE. Zaka does not miss many games and when he has he has come straight back in.


“Sometimes it’s better to have people think you’re an idiot than open your mouth and remove all doubt”


Nothing that extreme, but surely you’ve noticed the correlation between Zaharakis turning his season around, and the team playing better footy?

From the Geelong game onwards, the midfield has looked far less pedestrian.

And regardless of how you rate him, the only guy in the VFL who could come in to play his role is Stanton (the guy who Zaha replaced in more ways than one), and that’s unlikely to be an option next year.

We’d certainly survive without him, but he’s not that easy to replace, certainly not with our list atm.


What on earth are people watching?
He’s in our top 10 players and has been for 6-7 years.


You would be making a poor assumption.

Using an example of parents in their 50’s. Is irrelevant as well. Average Salary / house ratio is off the charts now days.

Anyway enough about money. It’s grubby. It doesn’t mean you successful at all and I think we all have wildly different opinions on what a lot of money is. I make less than a third of what I used to make and I have never been happier.


Look at mr intelligent boasting and all


Don’t be like that, comrade.


Come at me bro


200K a year puts you in the top 0.11 PERCENT of the world according to income.

Let’s face it, on a world scale we are all rich.


Maybe $200k should be the maximum income. 100% top marginal tax rate.


Rightio, Huey P Long!

Although I think his maximum income was something like 30 times the average before 100% tax kicked in.

But then, he got assassinated before running for president.