The "I was wrong" Files


I always thought that Sam Hunt had all the tools necessary to have a long and successful career as a footballer. Always felt he was never given the opportunity to prove it though, with some bloke by the name of Fletcher being preferred over him.


Had a pretty good debut from memory against the pies at the G.


My understanding was that Sam infuriated Sheeds by turning back into trouble too often.


AKA: EVery modern day gameplan.


I was wrong wrong wrong. I wanted to pick McCluggage. Say no more.


I was wrong. I believed the pre-season hype and honestly thought we were a garuntee to win the premiership.

It was a flash back to the 90’s when I genuinely thought every year that we’d win the premiership.


I was wrong. I believed the hype surrounding, (mainly by Sheeds of course) big bad Courtney Johns. Believed when it was predicted he would be Jonathan Brown & Dermott Brereton in the one player… Then I saw him play… Oh dear


I was wrong.
I thought everyone would get the joke about Courtney Johns.


Way back when I thought Ricky Dyson would be a better footballer than jobe


I was wrong I thought we could have traded Dyson and a third rounder for somebody.


I was wrong… I thought that the AFaiL wouldn’t let MCG win the Rising Star.


I think the AFL is very invested in our “Comeback Story”.

The last thing they need is another struggling club.


Our skipper says hi.


Yep. Screw Capt Jack.


I haven’t anything specific, however I know my wife would like for me to post in this thread.

So here I am dear.


Yeah me too. All of the wrongs, including her not actually being my wife, officially.


Lol. Just found a couple of old VFL match reviews from when i was writing them.

Only read one but I reckon i could keep this thread ticking over for quite some time.


I so hope i am posting in this thread at 7.30pm on saturday to say i was/have been wrong about Worsfold


Tyson Slattery and Alex Browne alone would bury you.


I think i could mount a defence for those two, particularly Tyson who iirc i usually described as honest and admirable rather than outright good.

But Kav!? Yeeeaaaaah…not so much. Lol.