The Overrated Thread


The 8.45pm light show at Gardens By The bay.


I prefer the lo-fat variety.


Not for me - the levels of dihydrogen oxide are through the roof!


dunno if its overrated or disappointing… but dragonfruit

looks amazing on the outside, cut it open and its bright red, think its going to be sweet as anything, bite into it and it legit taste like soggy weat bix


Bottles of dehydrated water can’t be far away. So light and easy to carry.


I have some freeze-dried stuff in my fridge. Keeps longer.


Don’t think it’s really rated by anyone. But yeah, dragonfruit is a massive disappointment.


If your dragonfruit is bright red inside, you’re doing it wrong.


There are two kinds, dont see the red one much in Australia.


Well, damn.

Is it the same inoffensive blandness as the white version?


I think they taste the same, dont think i’ve ever eaten them at the same time.

Ones enough as it is, haha.


Yup, exactly the same taste


Has to be just ripe, is better cold and in combination with other fruit like mango, melon. Can also be cooked. Preferably by an actual Dragon


Australia Day is overrated. But it’s a day off so I’ll take it.


It’s better than Labour Day.
Or at least the playlist is.

You Don’t Get Me I’m Part Of The Union gets pretty old pretty quick.


Fireworks are overrated.


Coffee, Avo’s, and all the bird seed people eat these days


“Smashed Avo”. What, did you hit it with a hammer, throw it against a wall? It’s mashed, you hipster git!



I asked if I could have my bacon smashed the other day.
The poor girl couldn’t tell if I were serious.


We had mashed avocado in the 70s and it was just regular food. Now apparently it’s worth 20 bucks. Maybe I should open a retro themed cafe and offer my mum’s version with lemon and salt on a Salada for 30 bucks.