The Overrated Thread


Is that the one from in front of the bighouse? I loved it.


Wicket’s acting.
He only got the part ahead of me because he did a 3-some with Carrie and George.


The show at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is terrific. The one just over there at Gardens by the Bay, somewhat underwhelming in comparison.


Red was available in a Clayton Road Clayton green grocer last week


Think about how stupid the average person Is, then understand that 50% are more stupid than them


Underrated stat.


‘Smashed’… He he he.


It’s a terrific waste of time/energy/money regardless.

Singapore is weird, it’s very un-SE Asian in a lot of ways. The food is terrific though, did you head down to Chinatown?


Sure did. After getting stung at Clark Quay just after arriving with a hungry family, I vowed not to get stitched up again by obscenely overpriced restaurants. Went to Chinatown with a view to finding an authentic Hawkers hall. Visited several but the one that really stood out was this place that a taxi driver took us to. We asked him to “take us to where you eat”. Good Lord. There must have been 100+ stalls in this place with well over 1000 people crammed into a space that should only house half that number. Really grimy. Kids were sh*tting themselves but I had a cracking pork +duck + rice dish for $4. We all pigged out for around $20. Thought we’d all come down with food poisoning but it was all good. Loved that side of Singapore.




Yep. Had a week there for work about a fortnight ago. Ate in a different part of town every night and it really does cover the whole gamut.
We did go to Clarke Quay one night, albeit with eyes open that it’s basically the tourist trap end of town. Sat down and this fat ugly bald french bloke sat down with what must’ve been a $1k+ per night date. He didn’t speak english, she seemed to be Dutch and didn’t speak french. She paid absolutely zero attention to him but her hand was on his upper thigh the whole time. Was hilarious to watch.


Singapore is weird. I feel it’s been designed by a committee of Asians for what they think caucasians want in a city, or vice versa. Cleanliness, lines, punctuality.

But if I’m in Asia, I want the real deal, chaos, noise, edginess. Sure, it’s good to have a few of the comforts of home, but it just feels so bland. No reason to be there other than a stopover.

And Clark Quay is odd. Practically a restairant From every nation, set out neatly, but notice that the buildings are not as old as they look, and most of the second stories look like they’re just a facade. Almost like being in Disney land or movie world.


I think Singapore has the best food in the world. Such a diverse mix of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian. Perak Hotel in Little India, Singapore is right next to many fantastic Indian restaurants.
I know a mad Essendon supporter who organises to fly back to Australia via Singapore. He gets off the plane gets a taxi to the Banana Leaf Apolo in Little India. Has the Indian buffet then goes straight back to the airport and flies back home.




I’ll cop the addition but I stand by the fact it was ■■■■ funny.


Clarke Quay is Southbank or Chapel St set in Asia.

I flipped the menu over at the restaurant I went to, and they list which other restaurants they also own - most of them seem to be owned by one or two companies.


Salted caramel. Why would anyone think that was a good idea?? It isn’t.

Chocolate with chilli. Just warped. Horrible.


Hot chocolate with chilli is sensational.
Chocolate with chilli is sensational.
So many Mexican sauces (mole in particular) are chocolate with chilli.


You can have my share. I’ll have the cherry liqueur. Or just plain dark chocolate. Old Gold will do just fine.


Coming down for the Folkie? I’ll shout you a hot chocolate infused with chilli. It’s A1.