The Overrated Thread


My xtra large ones are always bursting.



Yeah I get it, we all look alike


I rate it perfectly cromulent when you’re getting it at $2 a meal…

(Hmm, not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult.)



Drivers almost never know where they are going. Amateur hour at it’s finest.

You end up having to get your phone out and navigate for them.

Not any cheaper than taxis.

I ■■■■■■’ hate uber.


I’m with you. Still all Indian drivers, just their cars are unmarked


to be fair ubers been taxed so its not much cheaper if at all than a cab.

also know where your going an tell the driver.

(Ive had useless cabbies and think Melbourne has some of the worst in the country).






Get oooouuuut




That was a great movie!!


The bit about pesto and asparagus always makes me lose it. So good.


I can’t say the words pesto or asparagus, in any other voice.


The film Get Out.

Been nominated for four Oscars including Best Film, Director, Male Performance and Screenplay.

I’m all for diversifying the Oscars and including non-oscarbait films but this is ridiculous.


You can now get gluten free bottled water? Humanity has officially devolved.


Well… technically they’re not lying, are they? Advertising pitched at outright morons. Never underestimate the stupidity of people. Just when you think you’ve met the stupidest person on earth, someone else comes along…


The Philadelphia Eagles


Trip Advisor.


Coffee. Overated and overpriced too.


Compression garments. Make me look farking hot but don’t make any noticeable difference to overall recovery.