The Overrated Thread


I’ll give you one guess which hotel I was in a week ago…


The Royal?


Can’t trust you with anything, Wim…


No they’re not, they are awesome.


I am actually. I’ll take the chocolate, but you can have the chilli.


Don’t you love it when you open a window at the Perak and the combined aroma from 50 Indian restaurants wafts in! I looked up the Ginger Garden too when you posted that DJR. I spent most of a day at the botanical gardens but not sure if I saw it?


Ginger Garden is immediately south of the Orchid Garden, opposite the waterfall.



Provide a service as bad as a third-world country. Might as well be in Mumbai. Our electricity rates are extortionate and for what???

40 degC and no power. Again. Carnts!


Not from the four floors of whores?


Oh hell no.

But that joint is weird as ■■■■.
Gucci boutique
Rolex boutique
Sheraton hotel
cheap hookers in dodgy 70s office block
Louis Vitton

It makes no sense whatsoever.


l said the same thing about Singapore when l first went there, 41 years ago. Sensational food and great value as well.


Aaron Francis at pick 6


privatised utilities - the gift that keeps on giving.




Just serve the ingredients and call it deconstructed.
50 bucks!


Deconstructing a cafe latte is one of the greatest hipster flogs around.

And baristas who regard the art on the froth as more important than the taste of the coffee should have their tattoos rubbed off with pumice and their beards removed with rusty nail scissors.




Good. I was running out of ideas. Must have been tired. How about a cheese grater to do the job?


The Grammys.

3 and a half hour telecast of backslapping and self aggrandizing by the record industry that does nothing to honour anything that isn’t pop. The last thing they do is celebrate music and invention. 75 of 84 grammys are awarded outside the telecast. There are a lot of artists and styles getting no exposure and its bs.

These people that complain only 1 female artist won, the grammys are sexist bla bla bla are full of ■■■■ and disrespecting artists like shakira, reba mcintyre and all the other female artists who won in categories that weren’t telecast.

There is also no rule stating equal number of grammys go to women and men. Ed Sheeran didn’t deserve it? That’s your opinion moron. Like harry callaghan said, opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one.

End rant.


What din’t Ed Sheeran deserve?

Oh, … and who’s Ed Sheeran?