The Overrated Thread


The bloke who played a Lannister soldier early in the latest series of GoT, and was damn lucky Arya Stark didn’t gut him.


It was a promo done entirely to suck Herald Sunners into a frothing rage and it 100% worked.


Pity I never read the H-S.


You’re missing out, they run lots of great “look what those crazy kids/lefties/women/ethnics are up to now” content to get angry at.


Super blood/blue/eclipsed moons. Looked just like a regularly full moon, just a little dirtier.


And, “what you’re doing wrong, when you travel” articles. Glorified blog.


Fkn Herald Sunners


meryl Streep
Car racing


Further to meryl, every actor crusading an injustice but still support Polanski.


Krispy kreme


When it opened a store here in WA, people queued around the corner and down the road. Some people even slept out overnight to get a spot near the front of the line. All for overpriced doughnuts. I’m convinced students in the future will look back on incidents such as this one as a defining moment in the devolution of the human race.




Actually, France


Stinking and over-priced. Shop after infernal shop, all selling the same tourist tat. Romantic? My ar$e…

Best day I had there was when I got (deliberately) lost in the backstreets away from the main drags, but it was still nothing special.


Yeah, nah! Parts of la belle France are pretty ■■■■-hot! As long as they don’t think you’re a Pom or a Seppo! and you can parler un peu de français.


You must have been there at a bad time.

We have a friend who lends us his house there and we go every few years and love the place.


Can’t resist…


Apparently Daniher is overrated according to Champion Data… :thinking:


Champion Data is Overrated.

Hang on, … no it’s not.


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