The Overrated Thread


It’s all election-cycle farkin bullshit with shallow planning. these people should be publicly flogged.


Build the fkn roads properly in the first place (i.e. built in redundancy to accommodate population growth) and you wouldn’t need fkn upgrades.
To wit;
Who was the fkn genius who decided to build the Hallam Bypass with 2-lanes? Obsolete by the time it was opened. Will need lanes added for years to come.
Why was the Western Wrong Road initially built with 2 lanes? In a fkn growth corridor? They added more lanes and it still doesn’t flow properly. They also funnelled the Hume Fwy into it via the Craigieburn bypass (also built with two fkn lanes…)
These things are built to minumum spec with minimum outlay so politicians can plaster a yellow “delivered” sticker on the sign and say “see, we did that”. Doesn’t matter that it doesn’t fkn work…




We should actually start an infrastructure / planning thread to discus this stuff.


Induced traffic is absolutely real.

The massive amounts of construction work in Melbourne right now are making it very hard to get relevant staff, and thus blowing up the costs of all of those projects.


Calder fwy outbound past keilor park drive is wide enough for 2 5 lane carriage ways.

can’t do that tho because we made these ■■■■■ boi bridges, oh and you have to do 80 too. sucked in fuckwits.


It’s cat and mouse.


For your safety, we are spending 3 trillion dollars putting in these cheese-grater fence bollards along the freeway. Sorry we can’t afford a service lane. But dont worry you’ll therefore only slice through these ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ at 80kph.


Oh hell yeah.

And I thought blitz couldn’t get any more exciting!


Pretty much.

Roads get made to accommodate the level of traffic that exists at the time of planning and design.

Sometimes not even that.


Except for the toll roads that are justified off the back of dodgy forecasting (see clem7 in Brisbane)


That’s true, when Eastlink first opened, I was commuting from Ringwood to Dandenong. Used to be a very frustrating drive, then the toll way not only cut the drive in half, but I had 4-5 lanes the whole way that I shared with about 4 other cars.


The scoresby bypass! With no tolls… tolls for a year or two… ah ■■■■ it, who are we kidding, tolls forever.

Love to know how much money changes hands for these toll roads.


I work in the South East and love in the North. Since they added the extra lanes on the Tullamarine and Bolte it’s actually changed my fastest way home.

And the toll roads probably save me 20-30mins each way.


Makes you wonder what the city would have been like if there was a railway line to VFL Park started in the late 70s.
And eventually either a Richmond-like hub built either there or at Box Hill.


The corridors were designed in from the 1920s, along with the green wedges.
Most of them unused.

Straya, the lucky country…




there’s doing crazy stuff and there’s this


I dont know whats more ridiculous, running away from a charging bull down a narrow street with hundreds of other people, or tumbling yourself downhill at high speed chasing a wheel of ■■■■■■■ cheese


Falling over and getting injured. I reckon this is a sporting event I would excel at.