The Overrated Thread


If you’re anywhere near Joes Shoe Bar on High St Northcote, they do a good Hendricks and cuke. Not sure they use the word ‘cuke’ tho, may not have transitioned from Blitz to street level yet.


Cuke is the soft drink from the IT crowd. Obviously a play on Coke. ‘It’s heaven in a can’

That’s what I was trying to post above. Won’t work for some reason.


Visit Kelvin Bar on High st Northcote. Their specialty is the :cocktail: martini.


That’s right!image


A good thing, right? :wink:

Talking about overrated stuff, I’d like to add something from Japan - mochi (a kind of glutinous rice cake). Japanese love the stuff, especially towards the end of the year, as it is a traditional NY food.

Don’t get me wrong, it tastes OK, but it isn’t that flash hot & certainly not worth choking on - which inevitably a dozen or so people (almost all of them elderly) sadly do every year. Choking to death on mochi isn’t part of my exit strategy from Japan. How about you, @mrjez?


This deserved more


I suspect there is a good joke in there but I wasn’t clear on what it actually was


Can you let me know the address of this bar where the bar staff do these disgusting things?

Just so I can, ah, avoid it.


Chest nuts.
Depends whose chest.
As in, I could put my nuts on your chest.

As in, testicles.


But it really was a swizzle stick …


Yeah I got the testicle reference, but what about the lazy reference? It made no sense

PS the best jokes are the ones you have to explain afterwards


Mochi is rated just right for mine. Love it in sukiyaki especially!


I’m not that clever


Or funny. Or good looking, or talented, or hygienic, or…


Photos or it didn’t happen.


Henry pls


Bahahaha. Taking a selfie while choking on mochi would make a cool story title. On a more sincere note:


Rangoon summers.
Luge lessons


Ritualistically shaven scrotums.


Oh they’re everywhere