The Overrated Thread


Wash your mouth out with soap and water, soap and water.
There is only one thing better than chocolate, and that is mint chocolate.


How much are you tipping them?


Tipping? What’s tipping? Whatever it is, I’m sure it belongs here in the overrated thread.


M Starc.




In so many ways.


It’s actually a fair call. Has been poor for a long while.


Gus Worland, the Cricket Tragic

Takes Overrated toa new level.


A third new ball


IceTemple’s knowledge of Leadership, and cricket.


The movie “a star is born”. Sitting here now watching it… They do not know how to transition from one scene to another.


It’s a musical isn’t it?


Finding out that bacchus is actually General Melchett.


In food.
Hate it when you’re at a bbq after you’ve eyed off the big bowl of potato salad and you finally get a chance to tuck in, only to find they’ve stuck mint in there.
Nasty, mucky stuff…


What sort of pervert puts mint in a potato salad?


Take your mint hate elsewhere you mint hater


Why would a mint hater own a mint hat?


people that put dill in tzatziki deserve to be shot.


Who can say…they’re very strange people


Don’t correct it Swoods! Now nobody will get the cleverness of my super clever clever joke