The Overrated Thread


It stays the same in your post…my edit doesn’t change that…(your post was too clever for that)


So so clever


My mother in law puts orange in the garden salad which I can deal with but it’s when bits of broccoli turn up you know you’ve got to take a stand


Fennel in anything, but particularly salad, which seems to be the in thing.

Straight to the salt mines for these people.


Underground sugar caves


Sounds like we have a lot of vanilla (i.e. unflavoured) panic merchants on Blitz.

I vote “yes” for flavour.


l love mint, but not in potato salad. Everyone knows you put parsley in potato salad.


Is that like the Italian version of putting cream in your carbonara? (just so your guts can fark you over)


Vanilla has an undeserved bad rap. It is certainly not the absence of flavour. It’s the best flavour


I know, and I hope you know what I meant.


I don’t mind coriander if it’s used properly, and I certainly don’t think it tastes like soap.
I do think too much completely ruins a meal, and its addition can make any other spices completely pointless.
It’s like a dish with ginger chunks in it.
I like ginger, but yeah-nah, you’ve ■■■■■■ that meal.


That is hurtful. A lesser person would react in a bellicose, abusive manner.

Nothing British about me.


I think it was pretty restrained, considering.

You’re putting out some pretty weird vibes at the moment.


Christmas can be difficult.

I will turn over a new leaf next year, just don’t call me British.


So you only have a problem with other people using words to mean something other than the original meaning?


Are you really the only one here who does not know about one of Blitz’s most famous phrases, as coined by @benfti?

Or are you one of those rare people who don’t you know how word humour works?

Either way, I suggest you get with the spirit of the season and resist the urge to flame people for innocuous posts.


I just enjoy calling out hypocrisy.

Have a nice day.


The McRib

Dont get the love for it.


They’re awesome. someone sent a complaint in over Xmas reconning they ate a McRib then got gastro a couple of hours later. You can’t get gastro that quick, unless it’s a certain pathogen at a million of a one odds, so not only did I call them out on it but I defended the mighty mcrib with all the bite of the sauce that encases this jewel in the crown of the McDonald’s empire.


fark mcdonalds bunch of carnts