The Overrated Thread


Except you don’t get gastro from food, you get food poisoning.
And from my own, painful, experience, it can kick in from as quick as 45 minutes onwards.

Gastro is a virus, you get it from people. Food poisoning is a bacteria, from the food itself. Different things.


You could possibly get gastro from mcfarkinribs if you greased them with the virus and rammed them up your ■■■■, i bet


$10 says I don’t. You’ll be laughing on the other side of your face when I’ve got your tenner and half a pig up my ■■■■.


Have my tenner.
Spare me the pics.


You work for McDonalds?


Slow cooked a Pork shoulder the other day, and shredded ( sorry “Pulled”… :roll_eyes:) the end result, and just knocked off a Sour Dough Roll stuffed full of it, organic Spinach & Rocket, Tasty Cheese, home grown Tomato slabs. and sweet chilli sauce.

1/4 the cost, 1000% better.


Oh, … and definitely no Bacteria or Gastro virus involved, … :laughing:


$2.50 to shove all that up your ■■■■?


Did you not long ago accuse me of being tipsy?


Well, I’m not one to judge, … but personally, I’ve never taken Food, that way … :smirk:


Sweet chilli sauce!

What are you doing man, for that sanga has to be a good bbq or relish.


Agreed, … didn’t have any, & CBF stuffing about.

Ravenous after a 2 hr Surf and 3 ales, … still went down a treat though just the same.

Proper Chilli sauce though, and the Pork was fully Mexi BBQ ey already, so it really did go well. :+1:


Making some ribs myself, tomorrow night.
Glaze - whiskey/plum/tamarind/honey/soy, sear, slow-cook…nice apple/fennel/chilli accompaniments with leek steaks on the griddle.


Accuse, encourage. What’s the difference?


That’s some serious crossover in the glaze, sounds tasty. How you cookin them?


its a laymans term that’s a generic way most people term it, and I would never get pedantic by going that far into it

from your own painful experience you should have gone to a doctor who would have pointed out a few things that fly in the face a bit.

if you have have got ill would have been from a meal you had 14 to 20 hours before. If what you’ve described is by some chance correct and it was that painful you did go to your GP/ER, they would have taken a sample and sent it to a unit for verification, would have had returned a pathogen that’s as rare as hens teeth. a bug that can take around 2 hours to bring on any symptom, the first of which is mild nausea at the most.

sorry, that is a bit pedantic.

those kinds of tests are usually reserved for infants and elderly, but you do see the odd strong and fit people that have had a sample extracted from them, just to rule anything else out. but youll never know because those type of people such as yourself just tough it out.

your assumptions are very commonly psychosomatic and your brain naturally jumps to the conclusion it had to be the last meal. if you hadve got the bug that caused it buy a lotto ticket cause Ive never seen a case ive surveyed that’s had it.


but, nah. It’s happened to me. Ate pizza. Noted slightly funny taste of prawns. Drove to GF’s joint (35-40mins). Narrowly avoided ■■■■■■■■ self. Spent most of following 24hrs on the throne.

Maybe I’m just lucky?


I reckon I’ve had that same thing before.

Ate a burger at the Bright servo on the way up to Hotham for work. As I was eating it I just thought it tasted a bit ordinary.

Had barely parked the car and it was game on.


These are all very nice stories.


Enjoy dinner!