The Overrated Thread


I’ll make the marinade tonight and sit them in it after searing in a hot pan, leaving them over night. Tommorow I’ll put them in a heavy cast iron dish and cook them in the oven on mid-heat for maybe 4 hours, with the mix of veggies and fruit. I’ll finish them off drizzling the {heated) marinade back over them, and serve with horizontally sliced leek, fried in butter.


Food poisoning I could handle, it’s not the foods fault it’s the preparer, food can taste good and still make you feel sick later.

It was the dry, tasteless, boring experience.



go to the pie place you heathen.


The Thai place goes alright too (maybe not first thing in the morning…)


This was 20 years ago, before everything went fancy, pie shops and all. That Tomahawks place is pretty good though, now that we just go to bright and not Hotham.


Yeah that’s all true. As someone who’s actually once had food poisoning (as confirmed by testing), it’s actually more painful than gastro, though I initially assumed that’s all it was. In fact when it’s confirmed someone from the gov will ring you to ask what you ate. I can see the potential risk of death for the elderly or those who are already compromised. Any restaurant that causes customers to wind up like this should be reamed with a giant pineapple.

So anyway are we saying gastro and food poisoning are overrated?


I used to do those surveys and no one really cared what terms you used. Its the same thing to the great unwashed hands. I just used to break it down to you got a bad tummy, $hat and spewed everywhere and missed work for a bit.
Sick story bro


Back on topic.

Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Nothing wrong with watching something to get your mind off life for a couple of hours. But all the hype about it just ■■■■■ me.

I will give them credit for creating multiple movies highlighting individual characters and bringing them together.


It’s just a friggin superhero movie. All colourful and bright and stuff, but guess what - the good guy wins (yes I know what happened with Infinity War but part 2 coming soon and I’m sure it will change).

What happened to good old story telling in a movie and developing a character and build some chemistry. Come on directors - and production companies. Stop focussing on the $$$ and create something worth watching and people will come and see your movie.


same but for star wars (yes even the originals), its a space fantasy. move on losers.


I’m gonna take a punt and guess that you’re not in the 12-20 age target bracket.


Marvel sucks balls.


I can just imagine you on a panel show. It would be great.


So you don’t work for McDonalds. Doctor? Pharmacist? Something else involving a lab coat?


With all due respect to sameolds, I’m going to guess No.


I’m guessing Gov follow up clerk from the Food Inspector dept,… or whateva the fk it’s called now.


I have a great mental picture of him posting jokes on Blitz while in the operating theatre though


I’ll destroy you all.


Department of health heavy.
As in I’m the fat inspector.


Absolutely correct @Deckham. My kids are in that age group and thankfully they’re old enough to go to those movies without me.

Hate having to lie to them at the end of the movie when for them it was the greatest movie but I’m not feeling it.

I know he has a lot of haters but give me a Tarantino any day.


It’s always seafood they recon but o don’t there’d be much of that in a filet o fish.

What ever you ate the day before was the culprit,