The Overrated Thread


Ahhh, that’s it.

We owned Milk Bars / take aways when I was a kid, and “Food Inspector” wasn’t sounding right in my head.

Health Inspector! Health Inspector! was the excitedly muttered call passed through the staff when one of you guys turned up, …


speaking of overrated.

way more self indulgent than the disney films.


Only took 18 mins.

Thanks @barnz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:


Marvel fanboys get so defensive when you point out that the stupid kids movies they love are stupid kids movies made for stupid kids


how do you feel about star wars?


Technically I’m an environmental health officer, but now lean more towards public health now I’m the department.

No one new what the frig an EHO was when I was in the councils, so I just went with health inspector when I was doing complaints and food inspector when I was in the shops.
Or rat catcher. That felt better.


Never gave “Cockroach Counter” a run then? … :smirk:


Me or smj?

If me, I like the original. I will encourage people to watch if they’ve never seen them.

I won’t sit there and argue the toss about them.

I know what I like, doesn’t mean everyone has to feel the same


I literally saw a mouse sitting on top of a biscuit tin once.
I thought first of god save our biscuit tin then looked for basil fawlty


Great kids movies made for super great amazing cool af kids!


I’m just gonna call you the Wallet Inspector


Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Ruins everything that I see him in.

Biggest overacting duchbag of all time.


I’m liking this just for the extremely odd way that you spelt douchebag


You are clearly more familiar with the word


ill have a dutch bag.
ounce should do the trick.


Plenty of blokes out last night on the douche courage




It is best you not know.


I don’t think I know anything he’s done other than Walking dead.


He’s generally a support actor in most films he’s in.

And he’s terrible.

I now refuse to watch anything he is in.