The positive thread. find something, anything


Waking up early on a Sat morning, checking the ladder & seeing us in the top 8. Positive vibes for the w/end.


Caramelised Onion Hummus, with any Cheese flavoured Chip / Cornchip.

… + Crisp cold Dutch Lager, …= OMFG! *burp


I like the Dreamtime Guernsey.


(with all our forward woes) WSPHU :slightly_smiling_face:

Edithvale-Aspendale junior Harry Demattia is a strong-marking left-foot forward who likes a goal.

He’s kicked a few in his young career but on Sunday he made a bulging bag, booting 20 for his Under-14 team.

The 13-year-old had 10 goals by quarter time and 17 by half time before being taken off the ground for a breather.

He returned to take his tally to 20, with five behinds, as his team, Edithvale-Aspendale Blue, continued its fine start to the season, beating Edithvale-Aspendale White.

The final scores recorded a 60-point win —the maximum allowed under junior rules — to the Blues.

Harry, the Eagles’ skipper, also kicked 11 goals in the first game and Sunday’s haul gives him 31 from two outings.

The Year 7 student also represented the league last year, captaining the Under-13s.

He was runner-up in the league medal and won the best and fairest, replicating his success of 2016 and ’17.

Harry is also an outstanding young cricketer for St Brigids St Louis.

He won the SECA batting average last season and as a bottom-age player made the most runs for the South East Bayside Breakers in the state under 14 championships (the Youth Premier League) — 244 at an average of 40.7.

That led to selection in the Melbourne Stars Metro team.

For the Saints he cracked 280 runs at 140.

The team won the premiership, and Harry and teammates Prathan Raje, Dinal Gamage and Zac Grech have now been selected in Victorian indoor cricket teams for the national championships at Casey Stadium in July, Harry as captain of the Under-13s.

His brother Tom, nine, is starting out but is also promising.

In his first season of cricket he made an aggregate of 96 runs for the Saints’ Under-12C team without being dismissed.


You know you’ve raised your kid right when she responds to someone eating her pasta by sending me the glass case of emotion gif.


I throw this out there every now and then, but my work is currently looking for clerical staff.
In fact we’re always looking for clerical staff, if you want to start as a casual, but specifically now.
One 40 and one 48 hpf positions.
So if you can work shift, have basic monkey level computer skills, and you save your emotional outbursts for blitz but are in real life quite calm (this is probably the most important. If you react badly to nuffies calling you names then this is not for you), and have always wondered what it would be like to work with wim, then hit us up.

I make roughly 55k for 56hpf. And if you got it then there are always more shifts you can pick up.
Used to do full time shift work, but it just got too much.

Edit: Oh, and you can blitz and work. Obv.




I want HAP to get this job and then for a sitcom to be made out of it


Save my emotional outbursts for blitz and not work? Get farked Wimz.


Where are you (your work) situated please?

p.s. And btw we are a very happy household today, our solar hws was repaired. We’ve been waiting since January when hit by a furious hail storm. Imagine soaking in a hot bath with herbs with the jets on slow. Yum!!! Coffee and a chocky biscuit on the side.


My coffee was above average this morning and I didn’t have to ride to work or catch PT.


Glorious Box Hill.




You gotta be careful in box hill. If you leave your car parked for longer than the sign allows you to then the council builds an apartment tower on top of your car.


Interesting what is happening out there. It’s a go to place for the Chinese. And these high-rise apartments.


The one on Carrington Road is unbelievable. I’m all for high density developments but it’s too tall. 36 stories 15ks from the city!

Also the one thing about that building is it’s classified as ‘mixed use’. If you have one restaurant and a 7-11 on the ground floor and 35 floors of apartments that’s ‘mixed use’ apparently!


some pesky lawyer must’ve got that one through


They’re all such ■■■■■ right


ha - I had to quote to see what you wrote. Nah - not all…