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He is gorgeous. Congrats.


Welcome to the club Grandad. :+1:


Good morning for getting some trial runs in.


And congrats again @Deckham.



LMW just drove Mooroolbark to Horsham solo.
So proud.


Out for a run 4kms into it and chased by a dog.
Barked and ran straight for me. I went as fast as I could to get away and it gave up after 150 metres. Got quite close tho and tried to eat my shorts.

Attached my strava pace graph, pretty easy to see where the dog was after me lol.
My heart rate spiked too.


A bit of Friday morning nostalgia.
It’s good for what ails ya.


Close enough.




All before my time, of course.

I didn’t know the Fonterra plant in Dennington used to be Nestles. I wondered about Nestles - there being local cricket and football clubs. I think they play up at the main ovals just north of the highway. Fonterra Dennington has now closed down, and all their operations moved to another Fonterra plant in Cobden. There are still nearby dairy plants in Bega in Koroit (used to be Murray Goulburn) and Saputo in Allansford. Saputo taking over MG meant they had to sell Koroit.

There’s a road sign on the highway in Dennington pointing to the city centre (of Dennington). Everything has closed - there is no city centre - absorbed by the servo and Woolies on the highway.

In the picture of Liebig St, you can see the ziggurat type building belong to T&G. You’d see one of them in just about every regional city. But they got taken over by National Mutual probably late 70’s, who then got absorbed by AXA then AMP. NatMut’s obsession with being bigger than AMP killed them.

I always recall that, coming into Warrnambool from either direction, you’d first see the FJ buildings on the hillside. You can’t see them any more, presumably because of development. There’s still a nice garden and a really good retro market on the site, but a lot of the factory buildings are said to be full of asbestos and are still there.

I think they’re overstating the cafes and dress shops in Port Fairy a little bit. That’s just keeping up with the times.


Little Miss Wim.


Yeah I’ve got that. The parking job?


I remember you talking about her when she was very young. Seems to be quite the entertainer these days.

Where are you moving to?

And I saw Pimpinio was in the news with that fatal bus crash. My nephew lives in Horsham now - his girlfriend’s first posting as an ambo was to there.


I remember going past the (then) nestle factory on a family holiday down that way. I must’ve been maybe 15-16, so very early 2000s.


Used to love the Fletcher Jones gardens as a kid.


It used to have ugly red letters that lit up at night.
I miss that.


T&G built some impressive buildings.


No, she’s driving my old Lancer now.
I recently bought a 2002 Alfa (which probably belongs in the flog thread).


Trying to get closer to the CBD.
Hopefully Richmond but worst case Hawthorn.

Edit: And it’s awful about the bus crash.
I feel for your nephew.
My uncle is with the ambulance there, and I don’t know how anyone can be a paramedic in a small town.
Just do not know how they can keep doing it.


One architect. Same building built on many, many street corners in regional Australia. I bet there’s one in Horsham.

The city office was that grand old bluestone building on the southwest corner of Russell and Collins.