The positive thread. find something, anything


Where was the invite?


Hey, if you want to come mow the lawn, you don’t need an invite mate, ever. Just rock on down, … I’ll even pull the starter cord for you!


Ride on mower?


Nah, not yet, … will need one for the new place though.


When will that be ready?


I’d like to say 2 years …?? But that’s builders time, … so probably more like 3. :slight_smile:




I used to think that, but try cucumber on fresh white buttered bread and you should be pleasantly surprised.


Being told the honking big melanoma on your ear apparently failed to spread any of its cancer elsewhere in your body.

Stupid cancer keeping all its eggs in the one basket…


That is extremely positive news mate. You are very, very, lucky.

Go buy a Tatts ticket or 50. Fark.


I’ll save it up for Saturday. Fark Hawthorn.

(I’ll cut their captain a little bit of slack, as long as he’s fairly useless.)


My youngest sister has just been diagnosed with a melanoma in situ, which is going to be removed next week. They’d been keeping an eye on it for a while.


My wife has just had a tumour the size of a softball cut out as well as a few other bits. Thankfully benign. Comes home from hospital on Friday and has given me the green light to go to the footy.


We all like your matchday live streaming but please, at least stand in the shade!


That’s a good result. As an aside, I got to ‘green light’ and thought “give her a chance to catch her breath first, you animal” then kept reading and saw ‘the footy’ and went “Oh… he meant the footy”.


Unfortunately that green light is about 8 weeks away :disappointed:


Get a zero turn mower, BSD. Faster cutting and a hell of a lot more fun to use. Stick in earphones, put on ear muffs and away you go!


I’m highly unqualified to make any recommendations on this front but I reckon things will be right to go after 6 weeks.


Getting a parking spot right out the front.


Work paying for you to travel around. Man that is awesome.