The positive thread. find something, anything


5pm Friday.


Just ate a whole pizza for the first time in several years. I could well pay for this after, but I don’t care, I feel happy.


Well done, flaming beautiful


As long as I’m not flaming on the can later.


You can lock it in now that you flaming will be.


Let’s see, the weekend’s footy saw Carlton, Collingwood and Hawthorn lose, and Essendon win. Positive enough for all y’all?


HAP is back after a year off.


The Honeymoon is over Baby … :disappointed:


Already in the doghouse, eh?


Thursday football.


A proton


If he’s taken a year to get in the doghouse then she’s a keeper


Done what he needed to do. Now he gets time off for good behaviour.


Oh you have to drive to Mulgrave today too? Wowee!!


Had food poisoning. Lost 2 kgs.


Had a friend who had chicken pox. Lost 22kg.


Hyperthyroidism. Lost 15 kg in 10 days, but I was as cranky as all fark carlton, sweaty, fidgety and just plain unhappy.


But on a positive note, it has stopped raining, sun is shining and the creek has come down to cross-able levels.

Now just need to see what has happened to all the bridges down stream. Kyogle and Lismore have been smashed. Lismore is still under water. Worst floods on record for us here in the Northern Rivers.

Whilst I can’t go to the footy tonight I have been able to give the tickets to someone else who will be enjoying it for me. Woohoo!

Go Bombers!!


when you find something cheaper online than in the store.

delivery free and dont have to find someone to take your money.



Love it!