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When you think you’re out of beer so you don’t bother looking, and then you go to the fridge for something else and, voila, you’re not, there’s actually beer. And then you find he has a little friend there too!


Surprise alcohol.


Meanwhile everyone yesterday that came past my campsite ‘sorry mate, I’d offer you a beer, but I’m all out…’

Today they’re walking past watching me enjoy my ‘surprise beer’ thinking I’m FOS!


Wanna hear something really positive in that vein??

If I run out of beer any time of the night or day, my neighbour across the road has a beer fridge under his carport, always full of a selection of beers, and I can just walk to it and take a six pack or whatever, & replace it later.

Anyone in the street could, but they don’t, we’re close though, … he’s a Bomber man. :slight_smile:

Living in the country has it’s advantages, … I leave my car unlocked often with keys in it in the drive and can also hit 3 neighbours gardens for herbs or veg if I need something at anytime too.

Once I left the house & went to town for 3 days, and didn’t close the front door properly, (hardly ever lock it) and it swung open & was like it the whole time, … walked back in as if I’d just left.


Had Dominos as a treat meal the other night. Wife ordered their thickshakes. Had a sip and they are amazing.


Yeah I grew up down the coast and no one ever locked the doors. Then I moved to Carlton/fitzroy and it pained me having to lock up. Even waiting for traffic lights did my head in.

Best was being in the fire brigade at 16 (18 if you’re reading this dad). Like everything else it was never locked, and the fridge was always full of beer, VB tins and stubs.

We’d sometimes host a few friends back to the fire station for a drink, and then first order of business at Tuesday night meetings was to raise petty cash to top up the missing beers.

Also, if we were having a party, we used to get dressed in our fire brigade gear and take the trucks down to the pub to buy booze. Because A) lights and sirens. B) the local hotelier would give the CFA ‘volunteers’ big discounts. C) ‘men’ in uniform

Fun times


Where do you live!!! The 1950’s.
I’m from the country as well, but was walking around Nth Richmond the other day and noticed all the bars on the windows and doors and thought who’d want to live here.


Two boys who still get into an Easter egg hunt.


Mick Fanning knocking Slater out of Bells.


At home with tonsillitis. But watching Veep on Binge.


We had a Tawny Frogmouth hang out in our backyard last night. It was a pleasant surprise.


How did you cook it and what did it taste like?


Answer has to be Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.


You shouldn’t eat a Tawny Frogmouth.


I just found out aboit a bloke that rode his bike from Sweden to Mr Everest, made the ascent without bottled oxygen and without a Sherpa. Then rode his bike back home.

Goran Kropp

What a legend!


You still staking out possible bicycle thefts?




Been to China, they all look the same!

Got these cool 1950s style black bikes.

Was thinking of bringing one back.




Currently we are undefeated in our home games at the MCG this season. Should be going into Anzac Day Clash with full momentum.