The positive thread. find something, anything


So Ribbiting.



The first smell of it in the morning, and the consuming.



Had to cook an order of red velvet cup cakes today. Mmmhmmm, red velvet, always manage to make a few spare to go with a cuppa later.


It’s Friday, made it through another week, yay!! :slight_smile:

But now I have to go to the “what annoys you thread” as our Govt contract has not been renewed and I am out of a job at the end of June. Boo Hiss :frowning:


dislike :frowning:


Fire the ■■■■ up cints


Yeah, Nah …


Missus coming home early so preparing a bath for her. :innocent:


Bath bomb?



It would have to be a fairly deep bath or I’d think you’d be risking some sort of spinal injury.



You’re such a silly man.


Also true.


That the guy who thought it was a good idea to fire an automatic weapon into a policeman up near
Riolio’s joint is not going to court to plead how he was neglected as a child.

After shooting an injured cop like that, I’d be surprised if he got back to the station. Reminds me of the probably apocryphal story in the US where a guy who’d killed a cop was found to have 672 bullets in him. When asked why 672, the sheriff said “we only had 672 bullets”.

I know there are cases where it appears the police have over-reacted, a hell of a lot of those cases are “suicide by cop” and feel they should take down as many people as they can before going.

Witness that case the other day in America where a guy murdered 8 people including a cop, and then had the cheek to say some of the victims deserved it because they couldn’t mind their own business and had called 911. It’s times like this that I wish there is a hell, or a place of everlasting fires and damnation, because there are lots of people who deserve it.


Woolworths online order and delivery is pretty slick. Arrived on time and everything and I avoid all the queues. Best bit is pretty much everything is always in stock!


My 5yo’s Brisbane school is having ‘free dress’ day today to allow kids to wear their State of Origin colours. CB jr says nah, I’ll wear my No. 43 Essendon guernsey. Not sure how that’s gone down yet, but a couple of the mums were approving when I dropped him off. Standing up to the no-necks - very proud of the young bloke!




If you hate finger spinners this is for you. It doesn’t end how you think.


This Wednesday is more than your regular “Hump day”

It’s an actual Hump Day for the YEAR, … and we then start turning back towards the Sun. Have a Happy Solstice.

Come on Summer!!!


When someone gives you a little toot as they accelerate and pass you going down Brunswick. It’s usually some crack head. I just like to make sure if you’re gonna sit up my ■■■■, I’m gonna ruin your day.*

*well probably less than a minute, but consider it ruined. And thanks for the toot.