The positive thread. find something, anything


Every morning when I light the stove to boil water for a cup of tea, the clicking of the piezo lighter thing sounds eerily like the start of Run DMC “Tricky” or “Sucker MCS”

I can’t decide which one, but it’s a great way to start the day.


When you put off buying something until the last possible moment, begrudgingly traipse down to the store and find the item on sale for this week only.


When peeling an onion and the top layer skin just comes off perfectly.


Ditto with peeling garlic


Or a boiled egg!


Or a catholic missionary.


We’ll have to take your word on that one.


I think it’s very vital.


Getting a parking spot right out front.



Everyone knows you don’t peel a missionary, … the skin is the tastiest part!

Human crackling, … mmmm.


I just found out there’s a Chaucer Crescent in Canterbury.
That made me smile.


There’s also a function centre called ‘Chaucers’.
Or there was, once.


Never would have picked you as a fan of poetry Wim :blush:


Not bad. I’m a big fan of Melway 110 K8 (and its immediate surrounds).


Oh come now!
He’s a ■■■■■■ romantic!!!


Wouldn’t call myself a fan, but I do appreciate some.
Billy Collins is pretty good.


Yes, Billy Collins is excellent. So is Roger McGough.


Who the fark uses a Melway any more?


Was only joking Wim, am sure you mentioning Chaucer Crescent had nothing to do with the poet. :smile:


The same kind of people who enjoyed our Eighties premierships?