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Thanks all.

Diggers I have the bulge in the exact same spot. Had pain for about 2 months now, physio isn’t helping much, pain relief isn’t touching it. Am going to see the neurosurgeon to consider all options.


It’s a prick of a location and there aren’t any comfortable positions. Lying, standing or sitting all hurt. Everyone is different but surgery for me was the only intervention that worked. Physio and chiro didn’t help. I also had 2x facet sleeve injections which did bugger all. All surgery comes with a degree of risk, particularly if your working in/around the lumbar region but upon weighing up the pros and cons for my situation, I’m super glad I did it. Been pain free ever since.


A disc fusion is quite a bit different to a disectomy. In my case, the surgeon removed the offending section of disc + a section of bone which had become damaged. Recovery was very quick. I reckon I could have started running again after a couple of days but cooled it for 2x weeks as instructed. I was pretty lucky I suppose. Your problem on the other hand sounds pretty serious.


I personally wouldn’t recommend seeing a chiropractor. Especially if you have serious back/neck issues.

Also, theres a few surgeons lurking here…


Am seeing a physio and neurosurgeon.


MELBOURNE named the WORLDS Most Liveable City, …

… for the SEVENTH straight year in a row!!


Are you an exorbitantly-paid executive from overseas appointed to the local office who has kids you have to place in classy private schools?


Musk sticks and any musk flavoured lolly.
So good.


“Musk”, … is a really strange name for a Lollie flavour when you think about it, … but yeah, always good.

Haven’t had a musk stick in eons.


Yes, … I mean No, … I mean, … wait …

As much as I loved growing up down here through my teen years, … I fkn love the City I was born, and have spent at least half my life in.

Always said it’s the best City in the world, and in the past decade, the worlds acknowledged it.

And it will be even more Invincible in the contest when the Espy opens up again soon, … :metal:


Liveability is just a measure of the extra salary (plus super) you’d have pay to recruit someone to a city. It’s criteria are skewed towards high income earners who are globally mobile.


Most people have a bulging disc or two to some extent according to Mrs H who is qualified to know this stuff.

Go see an Osteo.

Do not, repeat, do not go see a Chiro.


Mrs diggers had success with osteopathy after diagnosis of a bulging disc.


Try it in vodka. Even better.


Yellow and green ones, too.


Doritos Nacho Cheese. Mmmmmm.


if you shop at Aldi, you have to try Chocolate Stampede. its like the old school YoGo, but HEAPS better. oh yeah, get theones in the tube, not the tubs.


Wasn’t YoGo toxic?


Tasty toxic though.


That’s true.