The positive thread. find something, anything


Gary? Are you listening to me Gary?

I’ll call you back Gary.

1990s YoGo ads were memorable.


Honey Badger underwear ads.


Seeing Hawthorn scarves in op shops in August


It’s less than 4 and a half hours until the end of Winter…


Eight more finals games for us this year.


Daylight savings, … a freshly mown lawn, a couple of Corona’s,. and the first BBQ of the season …

Beautiful evening here.


Pretty nice in the south-west coast too. Lawn has to wait till tomorrow though.

Made a nice goulash soup. Just finished, residual in the fridge, dishwasher on its first run.


Great to see a bunch of everyday people win the Richest horse race in the world today at Royal Randwick…

I have a horse in the same stable same syndicator and you couldnt meet a nicer group of people involved with the horse…

The trainers his staff…so happy for all the hours they put in!


Here’s something positive: we are not in the deep miserable times when a thread like this was so needed…


Yep, … everythings coming up Cacao Hunters chocolates for us eh??

Things are pretty much going i deal. … image


Well…I guess it is positive that after a number of months away, I have come back. Miss me? Doubt it.


Didn’t realise you were gone, pazza.

Just thought you were posting under about a hundred different user names.


Nah just couldn’t get this thing working, so let it rest.






I have a boyfriend.


pazza is nice and all but I much prefer pazza. or pazza’s muttonchops. I miss those guys.


Threads these days have been missing just a little bit of pazza.


Just let pazza have his day in the sun for once.


Does he know?