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That speach Jobe made about you at the Crichton was very nice.


He started it!


OK, personal question Em (you don’t have to tell us :slight_smile: )

Is he an Essendon supporter ?


Yes she does.

Blitz vetting process.


Mike Fitzpatrick might be taking a hit on his Rio Tinto shares and Demetriou might be under the pump as a Director of Crown Casino.


Dad survived the triple bypass surgery this morning. In ICU now but that’s normal.


Farkin awesome man.


Great stuff. The ICU is ■■■■■■ scary but he’ll soon be up on the ward.

I’m sure you’ve had this chat with your Dads doctor, but if not, one of those lifty chair things is essential for his recovery period at home. They can be hired reasonably cheaply from mobility equipment places.


I’m heading out after dinner so i’ll ask about that stuff when i’m there. Doctors actually just wanted to talk about this stuff after the op.


Wouldn’t chat to the doctor about that. I would chat to the Occupational Therapist. Doctors are great at treating the actual issue but not so with the other stuff


My sis in law had a package delivered to their joint, right address, no name
In it was 5 footy cards
Aaron Mullett (reflector)
Sam Gibson
Lindsay Thomas
Someone called McKenzie who I believe was delisted last year
And Shaun Higgins

The thought that someone ordered this selection made me giggle. I wouldn’t want my name on the package either


I guess so many people in my street must have signed up to the NBN, as my ADSL2 internet speed is fantastic.



Works a treat, not quite the same as bought stuff, but pretty damn good.


Cricket season is over, footy (pre-)season is back.


I must have missed the kickoff.


The Sarah Blasko doco on tonight.


Loving this rain in Melbourne.


This storm is amazing. The thunder!

I have a fridge full of beer, some guests coming around, cricket will probably be cancelled and I’m gonna take a gamble on this rain and drink it all knowing I won’t have to get up.

Our home ground is in a basin next to the Yarra, turf comp.


I made a cake


Paul Kelly on tonight . Wish I could be there.
Megan Washington was wrong. Kelly did not write all the songs. Kev Carmody contributed to the Australian repertoire.