The positive thread. find something, anything


Of course not, he’s a footballer, not a songwriter

Or are you talking about the other one? The economist?


The one who knows how to make gravy. The Sydney concert is still up on ABC IView.


And is being replayed late Thursday night.


This may make me a terrible person, but hearing a ten year-old with a stutter call his mum a control freak has improved my day immeasurably.


Yes, you’re a terrible person, but we all knew that already.


Will be recovering from spinal surgery and home for 5 weeks. Positive is the Ashes are on.


That was a quick transition from ‘annoying’ to ‘positive’ thread.

Get well soon!


Lots of people far worse off than me.

I remembered that after a day of ■■■■■■■■ and moaning!


Best thing I have read from the Age in a long time.


Did the bile bucket finally run empty?


And in better news, Fatprick on his bike as well.


New national manager surprising us with a Christmas bonus of $1200. First Christmas bonus we have got in the 7 years I’ve been there


Spinal fusion surgery done this afternoon. All went really well.

Now enjoying a smorgasbord of drugs to relieve the pain!


Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.


I can go to the supermarket and buy a roast chicken for less than one hour’s Work at minimum wage.

500 years ago that was the food of kings


It’s raining.


They were probably better chickens back then


Updated my computer.
But the unexpected bonus is that my Spotify now sounds amazing, even though I’m running it through the same speaker.
Was not expecting.
So YAY for that.


I miss the wimm who would discombobulate his disk thingy.


I thought you’d appreciate the fact that I totally wimmed the last one.