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One thing I remember about then is the Graham Thorne kidnapping and murder. He was the young son of a guy who’d won 25,000 pounds in the Opera House Lottery, and some low-life vulture decided to kidnap him and demand ransom from the father. Killed the poor kid too. There was talk that the culprit, Stephen Bradley (anglicised name), was about to be released from prison many years later and other prisoners decided that people who murdered kids don’t leave jail (vertically anyway).

That gave us pause. I think I was 8 or 9 when that happened.

Other than that, it seemed to be safe for kids in Melbourne (not Adelaide, of course - Beaumont kids, Adelaide Oval girls). We could play on the kids’ playgrounds and climb trees, before today’s molly-coddling. Kids learned to protect themselves from injury - now you just sue the people who supply equipment or wear helmets. We could kick the footy in our wide street without much traffic - we could play cricket in the street. Street’s changed a lot now.

And the fear of polio was disappearing with the Salk and later Sabin vaccines. I don’t recall if we had the MMR vaccines then. I know I caught MM, not R, plus chicken-pox.

And you could make a few bob by returning soft drink bottles.

Of course there was the added pain of having to do altar boy duty for 6 or 7 years and 13 years of Catholic school. Luckily I was never the apple of some priest or Christian brother’s eye. And Vatican 2 happened in my early teenage years, so a lot of the ridiculous old rules disappeared.


You may find this site (Pinterest) worth a look. Nice collection of photos of Melbourne.


A christening for the son of a Balinese Christian and Christian Australian, attended by Muslims from Java, Hindus from Bali, Sikhs from India , Bhuddists from Vietnam and Christians-/athiest Australians. They all gave their blessings to the child. There is hope for society.


3 years since coming home from hospital after a massive life threatening health crisis. Time has flown really quickly


Italy, Germany, Spritz tour, the best. Think maybe prosecco as well?


Glad I found this thread!


1 hour of “work” to go, then I’ve got a week off.


One year and two days since the huge melanoma was taken off my left ear. I said I wasn’t allowed to die till after the Midnight Oil concerts… bring on the next tour!




Never been to a musical. Went and saw Book of Mormon.

Deadset, one of the best nights out. ■■■■ funnny, and you gotta hand it to the performers, they put on a great show.

Would recommend.


So the weather has come good. Got a $75 spit roaster. Beers are still goin. Rain has stopped. Who knows if it’s ready, but I’m sure it’ll be edible.




Best chook ever, apparently. Lamb could’ve cooked for another hour or so, but was still top shelf.

So many beers…


Washed deck yesterday.
Painted deck today.



Buying 2 cases for my table top game figures amd because they didnt have the foam I needed, gave me a decent discount of $40.

Thanks Knights of Dice in Heidelberg.


Yeah, wish you’d stop farkin doing that.


Permanency of work at the place I want to be at. Sweet.


Chocolate cream filled chocolate Oreos with a cup of Aussie Afternoon tea.


Not eating Oreos.


Those^ ones are amazing.

Dunked, of course …