The positive thread. find something, anything


That’s my school too!


My youngest sister left in about 1982.

I used to love the fact that Alvin Purple’s final scene was in Windsor’s front garden. Not sure they knew what the film was about.


With the warmer weather, girls are wearing very short shorts.

Very positive indeed


I’m shy and show less leg than the other girls.


15 years !!!

Do you only drive it to Church on Sundays ?


Presentation College huh !

Now all your posts make sense. We had some nice times in the late sixties with young ladies in red shoes from PCW.


According to my sisters, the nuns told them not to wear red shoes…because red is the colour of passion…and not to shine them too much…because then the boys would use the reflection to look up your dress…and to sprinkle talcum powder on the bath water so as not to see your own reflection.

But other friends of mine said they preferred convent girls…because their consciences made them wriggle more.


Yep that is why the girls in the red shoes were so popular.


Not that Hendo wasn’t good at his job, … But having Tamara read the News 5 days a week from now on is a definite plus.


Today is a Gateway, unknown error, 502, 52, crash, crash, crash free day.



The stories I could tell…


Long story but to shorten:

-Wife said I could go to PAX after weeks of nagging (only to find tickets are sold out)

  • Moped around last night as my mate was heading in at 8am.

  • after kids swimming I notice wife driving different way home. Started thinking WTF? Asked and she said she needed to pick something up.

  • She stopped at Woolies in Ringwood and spoke to a lady who gave her a lanyard and badge.

  • She came back and gave me a PAX pass for the day. Said it was an early B’day present. So got a day away from the kids at PAX.


What a ripper.

I reckon you should keep her. :smirk:


What more that’s strange is she actually wants to go with me next year and is thinking about allowing me to go to CANCON next year in Canberra for a weekend…

Either the cookie monster is softening or she is seeing someone behind my back…


hold up a positive story from sillybilly? I never.


What is PAX?

Is that where people dress as superheroes?


I was wondering that myself.


I believe it’s the British Ministry of Peace.
Either that, or an old, old wooden ship.


Wait you needed permission from your wife to go to PAX?




Came out of a very, very, very, very terrible comic about games. Which nerds love.