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You’d want to check the real value of the pre decimal coinage before handing it over if you plan to take them up on this.

May end up parting with far more than you realise.


I understand Noonan still has the bag of salt he got for his first week’s work.


Regrettably, I have no pre-decimal coinage. Wonder if they’ll take pre-decimal stamps.

I’ll have to check out where Mack’s Snacks is. I’m not familiar with it.

It’s probably just a con to see if anyone drops off a 1930 or 1937 penny.

I doubt I’ll be shilling out anything, but there might be a nice set of threepenny bits in there. That swy I’d go in. Zac Merrett could be there…and Bob.

You wouldn’t be dead for quids, would you?

Edit…just checked out where it is. Right on the main drag. I’ve been to a few eateries in that block, most notably Fishtales, Mr Bojangles and Noodle Box. I was in there for ages yesterday but didn’t go further south than Koroit St.


Forty years or so ago, there used to be a sweets shop in Warrnambool.
And…you know the jelly snakes and pythons and so on that Allens sell?
They used to sell rats.
I’m probably imagining them bigger (due to Wagon Wheel syndrome) but still, you could bite into a great big hunk of cows hooves, artificial flavour 451 and sugar and just chew on it.


We don’t call people cow’s hoofs any more. Be more PC, wim. Shirt-lifters, I think, is the accepted term.


Especially if you’re a Homophobe. :thinking:

And it’s Hooves anyway.





He didn’t make it.
Internal injuries, 2 fractured legs and a broken pelvis.


That sucks.




That’s sad
RIP Jackson


That’s a bummer Mex.

Well done though.



It’s not. But I appreciate that you made the effort!


Sometimes things are all about perspective and attitude.

A close mate of mine got 3rd degree burns to over 50% of his body in a light plane crash.
Once he finally left hospital months later and was somewhat mobile he said:

“At least now I’ll get a half price cremation!”

Always puts things in perspective for me…


If it’s anything like chicken, skin off is more expensive.


But bbq chicken is cheaper than raw chicken…


A very close friend has had an abnormal heart. Surgery gave him time but they said, eventually you will need a new heart. Fast forward ‘heaps’ of years, the time had come that his original heart wasn’t going to cut it too much longer. Then, the most positive gift anyone can give occurred. My mate still has a long road ahead but without the generosity of the donor family, he wouldn’t be here. For that, I will always be thankful to a grieving family.

If you haven’t considered it, please have a think about donation. It is truly life changing.


Wonderful story. Thanks kindly for sharing, Hoffy.

I have been on the Australian Donor Register for 20+ years, but have been living in Japan for 15+ years.

Honestly, I have never thought about it & have just realised that my OZ registration could be wasted, given the cross-national issues. I will now look into ensuring that my organ donation wishes will be honoured in Japan as well.

Thanks for the heads up, Hoffy.


Thanks for sharing.

My sister in law died very suddenly 3 years ago. She had stipulated organ donation. There are 6 beneficiaries of her donation. It has helped our family heal knowing her generosity has helped others.


Fegal Sharkey concurs.