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CFA santa is in the same vein.
Crappy carols played through a crappy truck loudspeaker. Soundtrack to christmas.


Kids in little country towns love the CFA truck doing it’s Xmas rounds.


Plenty of thoroughly suburban areas are under CFA too.


I know.


I’m not sure if this has anything to do with ice cream vans, but the funnest part of summer, apart from swimming and playing back yardies at every opportunity, is hunting down whippy. Or the whippy trippy as the kids call it.

As soon as we hear greensleaves it’s to the olds mobile and the chase is on. We haven’t quite got gelato down here but I’m sure it’s nice.

We crashed once.


Post pic (black and white, except the rainbow gelato in the foreground), or retract.


that is such a caring thing to do - worth watching


Goddamnit, Doe…


I know.

I should have included a tissue warning.


I’m not crying. You’re crying.


The Polly Waffle to return to Australian supermarket shelves

Jan 24 2019 at 2:25 PM

The Polly Waffle is back: Robern Menz chief executive Phil Sims. Photo: Supplied

Australian lolly fans: brace yourself for big news. The Polly Waffle is back, and it’s more Australian than ever.

Nearly a decade after it left our supermarket shelves, South Australian company Robern Menz is set to resurrect the iconic confectionery bar after acquiring the brand from multinational corporation Nestle.

The 150-year-old family-owned business will take over the trademark and recipe a year after it took over celebrated Australian bar Violet Crumble in a similar deal. The latter went on sale in October.

The company hopes to manufacture the marshmallow-filled choc-covered wafer bar in its Adelaide factory if possible.

Robern Menz chief executive Phil Sims said devoted Polly Waffle fans had lobbied hard for its return, including a 55,000-member-strong Facebook page.

“Since taking over the Violet Crumble brand we have been bombarded with … questions - when are you bringing back the bags of Violet Crumble and when are you bringing back Polly Waffle?” he said.

“As an Australian family-owned business, we have a real affinity for local brands and to have the opportunity to revive them and bring them back into the market is such a privilege.”

The Polly Waffle was created by Melbourne confectioner Hoadley’s Chocolate in 1947 before being acquired by British business Rowntrees in 1972 until the company was taken over by Nestle in 1988. The line was discontinued by Nestle in 2009.

The relaunch comes with a kicker: the return of the Violet Crumble 180g bag, containing bite-sized versions of the choc-honeycomb bar, which will go on sale in March.

But there’s been no official word on when the Polly Waffle will hit the shelves, meaning you’ll likely be waiting a few months yet.


Polly Waffle to return to Australian swimming pools, they mean.


The return of the marshmallow turd.
It’s a good thing.


The heat drying the washing very quickly.




getting the last word in a thread.


The last morning coffee of the summer holidays. Coffee shop is jam packed, and they’re selling take-aways by the dozen.

Caravans heading back to civilisation…


…from Bright


Our comeback match is on Classic matches at the moment. Missed the 1st quarter as I just put it on, but only wanting to watch us anyway.:slightly_smiling_face:


There was the the draw against the Swans in '96 just before that.