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Out of the blue today I get a call from AAMI regarding an Income Protection policy I had with them for just over 2 years back in 2015.
They must have not done something properly at the time and have been hauled over the coals for it as they are now phoning all customers from around that period and refunding any amount paid.


Good value, assuming you never claimed. Getting all the premiums back?


Never claimed. Only had a brief chat but he will send out more info in the coming weeks as they want to have it all tidied up the end of Feb. From what I could gather it’s the full premium plus 7.3%.


Went to the bowls club to play 40c games of pool and a few cheap beers. Mechanism was faulty so games were free.


Just finished watching it. ■■■■■■ awesome.


What a phenomenal match. First time I have watched it in full (well, minus the 1st quarter), had only seen highlights previously. My dad was there and told me how great it was.

We were ‘boy oh boy wow wee’ amazingly good. The second quarter was brilliant.

Would love any blitzer’s who were there to describe what the atmosphere was like.


Watch out for their bushfire threat scam.

They’d inform people near bush they where in bushfire prone areas, based on any new development applications in that area that needed a management plan.

Then they’d try to get people to up their insurance.

The amount of pensioners and young mums would have loved that one.

Aami are a bunch of wizards sleeves.


It’s an old story but a goodie. Wouldn’t sell her house. Would have gone for a bit, being close to the shops…


That funny looking house or block of flats type thing last on your left as you go towards the city over the Sydney harbour bridge.

Who’s is that. Is it Paul Hogan’s.


Think it’s housing commission


Saving $180+ by clearing out the sink traps and piping myself.




Surely this is a euphemism?


There was a lady like that in pretty much the middle of Swinburne when I was there, mid to late 00s.


I lost my Roy Morgan virginity when I got home from coffee.

Full survey covering politics, banking, cars and media. Took about 45 minutes.


Look on the bright side.

After listening to you ramble for 45 mins, your number is definitely blacklisted now, You’ll never hear from them again . :smirk:




Funnily enough, movies, and in particular arthouse, did get a guernsey. There was a list of movies, most of which were absolute crap (i.e. I don’t want to see them) and I mentioned Roma. Kept the conversation going to 7 hours.


Ramble? That’s harsh!


I just heard the most lovely story at handover.

We had a very vocal mental health patient overnight, 15 y.o. f, who spread the abuse around liberally, but in particular called the psych nurse ‘a wrinkly old ■■■■’ and told her ‘you’re never gonna get laid.’

Apparently the psych nurse took this last a little to heart, so she called her husband who assured her quite emphatically that she would be getting laid, promptly and well.