The Reigning Dj King! is @frankston_bomber2005


I don’t know whether even the ones posted could be called trance. I have a different idea of what is trance.


i guess its more accurate to say ‘the songs without instruments so they’re not real music ones’ from klawdy.


Yes from me. Bonus points for the footy theme with Rene the Kinks.


The first one wasn’t but the last one definitely was.




OK let’s jump forward to the late 70’s for a bit of Disco Pop. Let’s see if I survive this.


Dear Lord, noooo. Haha, sorry.


That’s a yes from me.


No. Exile’s Greatest Hits - an ambit claim if ever I’ve heard one


Til the night closes in… YES


Jesus. No no no!


Oh dearie me, no.


Definitely gets a YES from me. So damn cheesy but good.

“Oh baby, wanna taste your lips, wanna be your fantasy”

What the hell were people thinking in the 70’s with that kind of vibe? Using words like “Oohwee”, “Mama”, “Sugar mama” and other slimy terms of endearment that shouldn’t leave the house, let alone one’s mouth but there’s something cheesy and fun about it. Too much coke n suburban swingers key parties in the Hollywood Hills I say.


'Glasses, for the love of God… NO!


No. Sorry.


Sounds like it’s from somebody’s knackered cassette tape. I hate that song. No.


That’s the sort of song you spend years trying to forget…and now it’s back in my memory…damn you @GeoffBlethynsGlasses



It might be a little ironic that Exile was the artist.


Thank God I don’t know any songs by BanHammer.

Got to say it’s not looking promising is it.


Bamhammering is to good for you. My ears. No.