The reigning DJ King (Mk XI) is @Strewth...playing some real music (with guitars and stuff) (Part 1)

The beats go on!!

This is how we roll in DJ King - the Number One Thread on Bomberblitz (Don’t argue with us…we know we’re right)

The Rules (or something vaguely resembling rules)

A nominated DJ spins a song. (all styles/artists will be given short shrift except Nightwish which will be listened to and voted through in a timely manner (may not be true).

Punters listen (or not) & vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ - with plenty of banter in between - some related to the song or DJ’s style, but mostly random stuff. There is plenty of salt and we have become a community with the Blitz community. Even one of our fearless leaders @Catherine_Lio has had a go.

If the DJ receives enough ‘yes’ votes, he/she spins again. If not, the slain DJ nominates a punter to become the next DJ & returns to voting on songs & plotting his/her revenge.

Custom now dictates that the slain DJ MUST then change his/her avatar pic to represent the band/artist that brought about their downfall.

@Kira (who deserted us along with @JohnRain)is the reigning KOK (King of King) / QoQ (Queen of Queens) / MoDJ (Master of DJs) having spun the all time super set of the millenium . Why not have a crack at dethroning him? He has set a mark that will take some beating!!

The below link has the following which can be accessed from the tabs at the bottom left of the spreadsheet:-


BomberBlitz DJ King Song List

Song List THREAD,POST,DJ,BAND,DJ Songs Link,YES,NO,KILLER,SET 00001,Mk I,1,Diggers,Gang of Four,Damaged Goods,4,4 00002,Mk…

List of songs played to date by which poster with thread and post numbers and with vote tallies
List of DJ’s with date and time of their last set along with the number of spins they have had
Links to each of the previous DJ King threads to allow you to go back and peruse each s
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ok dude


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It may not be finished, but it’s dead to me.


Can you repost that 2nd round table here? It looked nice.

If we must…

Paul Peos Hilltop Hoods - The Nosebleed Section 41
Yossarian Girlschool - C’mon Lets Go 32
Frosty Brittany Howard - Stay High 30
Mr Jez THE SKIDS _ the saints are coming 29
Hambo Dead Kennedys - M.T.V. − Get off the Air 22
AVanderScreamer Sonic Youth - Reena 22
Socks and Sandels Prince Buster - Enjoy Yourself 19
Crazy Bomber Bombay Bicycle Club - Always Like This 18
Robin close Dead Can Dance ~ The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove 18
Preliminary Point2 Weval - Someday 16
Tinhillterror Rage Against The Machine - Renegades Of Funk 16
Klawdy Kvelertak - Crack of Doom feat. Troy Sanders 16
hesonlygotaleftfoot Lake Street Dive in the Studio: Rachael Price Sings “What I’m Doing Here” 15
Hoffy Fruit Pastilles - I Don’t Ever Want To See You Again 13
vbi Tessa Violet - I Like (the idea of) You 8
Baaakkkeerrrrr Tripping Daisy “Tiny Men” 7
Deckham Ella Fitzgerald & Ink Spots - Into each life some rain must fall 7
Swoodley DANCE MY DARLING - Love & Hate 5
Up Up Sheryl Crow - Real Gone 4
Lifetime Ban Kully B & Gussy G - Boom Shot Dis 3
Wimmera1 Journey of the Sorcerer - The Eagles 2
SMJ The Stiffys: I’m Really Good At Sex Because I’m Always Doing It 1
Azza78 Tom Morello & Chad Smith - Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing Ta ■■■■ Wit 1
Casio Joanna Newsom - Peach Plum Pear 0
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As I was saying, you’ve changed, Blonde DJ.
It used to be about…actually I have no idea what it was ever about, but it was not Hilltop Hoods most popular song.


Who would have thought we would be in the 11th edition of DJ King?

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Ok, now onto the overall section…

Girlschool performed way better than i expected

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It didn’t wanna bad mouth any songs this round, but I was privately seething.

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4 votes. 4 votes for a song that lit up people’s lives, taught them the meaning of love, sent the darkness into flight. If not this, what do you want from me?


Casio pulled a Jez


I just went next song in my playlist. Didn’t work round 1, worked round 2.

Can I just say that I think people getting genuinely annoyed/salty about this is absolutely farking hilarious


The winner of the McClelland Trophy, as the highest placed DJ after the regular season, is…

hesonlygotaleftfoot with a combined 62 votes



I have some reading to do.

I’m out of likes already!

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