The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


When are you going to step up for another spin?


Pinkerton, Blue Album and Maladroit.
If that’s all you ever hear, you’ve heard the pick of the litter. Every other album is very uneven.

This one starts at about 20 seconds for those averse to intros…


Hang on. There’s another Guru Josh song???

Yes to Spanish flea, Guru Josh, Weezer and Soul Wax.

No to the others.


Yes, cool song



DJ BAAKKEERRRR (second spin)
SONG #1269 E talking, by Soulwax

YES: Klaw, Peos, Kira



Funny clip was distracting, but I think it was a cool tune. Yes


There was a song? I thought there was only a backing track for a commentary on society.





I had to Google a few of those words so I knew what they were on about.




Sampled the Stranglers, hey? Yes.


Yeah, I need to do the same. It was fun trying to guess quickly before it came up.


Sorry I only seen’d this earlier today. Would’ve spun some metal otherwise.


Will duly handover when I get the tijuana…




Yes. Had to listen twice. Video took the focus first time around.






That snail is moving faster than the voting in this thread. :grin:


Intro was the best part for this POS but I’ll give you a yes to get closer to 10 votes so that we can move along.