The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Where you been? Thought I could count on a yes from you for my songs. :grin:


First ball yes.


At work all day (and no capacity to play songs) and so unfortunately I missed what could possibly have been my favourite ever set :wink:


'Stasios got ripped off.


(Like the bottom of this post if you are interested in DJing next)


Thought you were doing the courteous thing and staying out of my set to avoid giving me the auto no lol. Of course there was a simpler explanation…:joy:


Hated it to begin with, but by the end it had grown on me. However, if I never heard that track again I’d be OK with that.

It’s an ambivalent YES from me.


Whenever you’re DJing, I like to think of myself as the person who keeps you grounded amongst all the sycophantic yesses that you get :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think you’re confusing ‘sycophantic’ with ‘well deserved’.


He’s just bitter because Kiss tried to jump on the grunge wagon (too late) and it tanked. Badly.
Grunge was like any other movement. There were too many participants, there were more crap ones than good ones, but the good ones were really, really good.


yes 6-1


I assure you that I am not…although I can see how you might get confused given the crap that you so often vote Yes for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Blind Love and The Honeymoon Is Over were ahead of the curve here anyway.
They weren’t quite grunge, but they were a rejection of overproduced…no, that’s not fair, nothing wrong with overproduced…cookie-cutter pop.





I know there is a different voting system these days, but don’t know what the threshold is…


You’ve reached it. Spin again…


You mean I listened to that Hammond Organ bossanova button for seven minutes for nothing?



(Like the bottom of this post if you want to be DJ next)


Hated it. Have a yes for coming back after your exile.


Well, whoop-de-doo for Mr Viagra here!