The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff




Ouch…strike that one off my list.


ill give it a yes on the basis of daft punk homework(one half of daft punk responsible for this)…after this it all went down hill!


A few years ago I had a long conversation with the (then) owner of the Daylesford Cidery. He was bemoaning the fact that his biggest seller (by a factor of about 100 units-to-1) was the sweet, carbonated cider, which he firmly regarded as an imposter (produced to pay the bills really…)
He was most proud of his (award winning) standard cider, which was flat and dry - kind of like alcoholic apple juice.
He was also disappointed that there was no Cider Association (as there is for beer) to mandate what exactly comprises a cider (given the sheer number these days which are merely artificially flavoured, sugary soda water spiked with ethanol).
Anyway, he must’ve cashed-in on the cider boom and presumably retired to the Bahamas, because the place has now totally changed, with hipsters running it selling a dozen multi-flavoured varieties…


Yeh, there’s a cidery not too far from where I live. I like their cider (which is like the cider you mentioned). And they have a restaurant there too. Anyway, my wife is taking me there in late February (to celebrate finishing semester 3 exams). She said I should get drunk and enjoy myself. So, it should be a fun time :slight_smile:


What do you need schoolin for - just beat everyone up and take their moneey!








Yes from a delightful but overcast Reykjavik. And a big shout out to the Melbournite of Greek heritage who assisted us with our group photo at the Sun Voyager sculpture. You are a credit to both your city and your people.


Okay, I think it may have been a repeat from DJ King I but have a yes. Think that makes it 7-2


Would you believe the following band has not been played (theres been covers and Greta Van Fleet :wink: ). I kinda get it, its obvious and its obvious to hate on them if you’re trying to be cool. But really they are the greatest rock band of all time.

As a teenager me and my friends would go to the beach, light a fire, drink a few slabs listening to Hendrix and Led Zepp, good times.




I must admit, I’m torn on this one. I’ll say yes because the song is farkin awesome.

But it’s not cool to steal, and these guys are tainted in my eyes.


Yeah they certainly pushed it. I have no problem that they were cough inspired by others, all bands/artists are. But they should have given credit when doing so.







Led Zeppelin can get ■■■■■■.


The level of self indulgence with LZ is so high that I just can’t get on board. You end up listening to 9 minutes for 30 seconds of quality


What he said… no.