The selected team vs Norf (2019 round 17): no change, but shenanigans with the VFL team naming


They’ll probably win, but we ruined their big day earlier in the year so LOL.


Brown to kick 7. Cunnington 43 possessions. Goldy 400 hta. We win by 2 points… bookmark it. Or don’t. What do I care?

Another non-rival crushed - review those Norf losers

Woosha has to mix it up at first bounce

Hooker forward

Raz midfield

Stringer one out full forward

Smack CHF spearing ball into him


I’m a firm believer of picking players who are in form and will improve our side. ■■■■ I must be crazy.


Your four points are too outrageous for Woosha. The only move he’ll make is Hooker forward in the last quarter if we are down by 12 points


Unusual for Woosha to be this animated about a game and the supporters getting behind the team.

Hope the joint is packed with red and black and it scares the ■■■■ out of North.


Lucky us: he’s such a sensible, quiet and unassuming umpire! There’s no way he’d impose himself on the game. We’re fortunate he doesn’t like to be the centre of attention!


Probably not the time to experiment but our strength has been our fast forwards against this Centrelink club.
I’d go Fantasia, Walla, McGrath and McKenna rotation up forward.


Our strength was Shiel Heppell and Merrett dominating in the centre.

We will be without Heppell and they will have zeibell this time in the middle but he is slow too.

probably more importantly is we are without bellchambers and I hope that Zac Clarke has been working on set plays with the mids. really hoping for a big game from Zac.

i think strategy wise we need to send Hooker forward when Mckernan is in the ruck.


Stick it right up em’ Bombers


Are we playing the Kangaroos circa 1993-1999 ?


Have you already forgotten Walla’s 7 goals against Brisbane?


Clarke doesn’t need to be sighted. He needs to negate his opposing player which he has done since he came into the team.

Averaging the most tackles per game of our whole team too, so definitely got smelling covered in that area


Really interesting the weight of experts tipping against us 25-1 ( footy)

Bookies will have it 50-50 by the bounce despite us being faves most of the week.

I suspect our game plan will be more of the same, match them physically and in close the first two and a half quarters, and try and break it open with our pace in the second half - we really do posses an advantage in line breaking midfielders & half backs.


Why is it interesting ?
north are in good form. I imagine there were probably 50/50 games in the second half of last year where commentators lopsidedly picked us cos our form at the time was better than the oppositions.

There has been the usual somewhat arrogance floating around here this week, the typical kind that comes out when people are under the delusion the opposition will be a walk over and we will just smash them cos we are essendon.
most of it’s been oh north aren’t that good, north aren’t that good.
lot of underestimating going on, and that’s generally when essington comes out in full flight.


It’s interesting to me - because I find it interesting, capiche?

I’m not bullish on us, I do think it’s a 50-50 game though, not a 4-96 game that the tips would suggest.


You said it first on BB. I agree with you and hope we are so far in front that we don’t need Hooker forward and if we do, I hope its early in the third at not at the last minute.

Would rather keep Laverde in and Langford is always 50/50.


Conor mckenna named on the wing. Actually does play on the wing at times, or am I imagining it?


Sure if there was a money problem, a workers club would shake tins to get to where they want to go.
The bombers just submit a flight plan with the same aim, and lean on various coteries, showing sophistication in the way its done. But out on the footy field, unsophisticated teams often win.


You might suggest there’s zero sophistication in hitting up a few rich mates, as opposed to engaging your community.

Either way, North are in a lot better form than they were when we last played them, and we’ll need to play well. Play well and get reward for effort and the game is winnable. And if we win it sets us up for a massive run at it over the next 6 weeks.