The selected team vs Norf (2019 round 17): no change, but shenanigans with the VFL team naming


It’s not arrogance. It’s just the football hierarchy.

They are peasants.

We are Kings.

And as such we will smash them.



Some of their supporters are still salty they didn’t get him under father son pick.


Seriously can’t believe the amount of respect being shown to this rabble. They have ■■■■■■ Marley Williams, Macmillan and Turner running around- we’ll smash them in a canter similar to Good Friday


Get there early folks, expected crowd of 48,000 and will be a shitt fight in GA. I believe this is a replacement game for their home match in Hobart last week so their members have GA & reserved seat upgrade access tomorrow.

I’m genuinely edgy about this game. Aside from the fact they’re on the same level of hatred as Carlton, Hawthorn & Collingwood (Melbourne not far behind) for me, they’ve played a strong brand of footy under Shaw. It’s a finals brand built around contested ball and forward half pressure so our midfield need to be up to this challenge given the advantage Goldstein will give them in the ruck. They’re the number one team over the past five weeks, that’s not an accident. You may argue they’ve only beaten rubbish, Richmond with a bunch of players out, Collingwood who are barely going, saints etc but they’ve comprehensively beaten them and put 40 point margins on them. When’s the last time we’ve managed that? Clarke to Cunnington, clearly their barometer, we need a Cripps style job done there. We can get them on the outside if we can match them on the inside.


Internerd footy nuffies who tip their team every week blindly think their team will win every week.

The actual people that matter (the players and coaches) will not be underestimating Norf and how they are playing. But that doesn’t mean they are anything more than a middle of the road team much like us, that we are every chance to beat. The point remains, this is not a 1-25 game as the supposed “expert” tipsters might suggest. This will not be a blow out, it will be a very tough tight contest but we are every chance of winning this week.


Clarke is much bigger and stronger on the inside then snelling. We need him on the inside especially with no Hepp. I like Snelling but Clarke adds more balance to the side. If a Parish or Sheil gets injuried Snelling is straight in


Yes, we do and we are not taking enough advantage of it. I say blow them away early, keep at least one medium/tall marking player in the fwd line, so when we do get a quick exit we can take full advantage.

Slow plays from our backline take away our biggest weapon. and if all our fwds are up the ground we have to play slow as there is no-one to kick it too.


We really miss Ambrose to play on Sideshow Bob. Hard to see how Hooker could be freed up to play forward unless we can manage Brown v Brown.


The stats blogs are about as split as can be. I suspect our poor inside 50 ratios are a factor in our below average rating on many algorithms


Jasper Pittard too.


Yep. no way known Norf are that much better.

25-1 tipping would suggest GC v Geelong or similar.


FWIW i tipped us and we were still ahead in the odds 1.88 vs 1.95


North flogged the pants off Collingwood and beat the tigers reasonably well.

On our best day we havent played that sort of footy.

Frankly I am surprised at the odds. Mind you we play better at Marvel and a weeks a long time in footy.


Is it normal to have 2 emergencies not play VFL?

I get that they are same day as AFL.

Any ideas of potential late out?


Holding player(s) back isn’t weird, though not normally two. The unusual bit is not naming them in the VFL team anyway.

Just like Langford last week, when they knew/suspected Heppell was an out.


So Hartley & Ham

Obviously we’ve got Hurls and Hooker with injury concerns so Harts makes sense, and we’d still need a mid as emergency also

I wouldn’t see it as too unusual there in this instance if VFL game on just before AFL


I sincerely hope that making late late changes and wearing the resultant fine becomes a tradition for North games.

“Look how much money we have! Stick that up ya W A R C H E S T.”


We should make our banner out of $100 notes.


However the VFL team play before the AFL team this week therefore need to be held over in case someone or two go down in warm up or morning of the game.


No, you are a person who picks players on stats, not their actual game. Clarke may not have got a lot of possies the last couple but he has pretty much made his opponent indivisible on the field.