The selected team vs Norf (2019 round 17): no change, but shenanigans with the VFL team naming

Clarke’s own stats have gone down but he is certainly limiting his opponents as well

Parker was absolutely on fire leading into our game

Beat Cripps and can limit Cunnington also.

Blitz has been screaming for a tagger and now we have one not happy with his offensive output (partially why Woosh didn’t want to play one)


Essendon - Clarke + Snelling = WIN

sorry, I had to smile at that. Clarke really smashed them.


Cunnington will surely be the prime target for Clarke.

Normally it’s just “We’ll concede the midfield battle, hope we can intercept in the backline, then run and gun with Saad+McKenna.” It’s so strange for us to be thinking about actually “targeting” an opposition mid. I like it.

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I’m 10 points ahead of the aggregate on tipping. I know better than squiggle. We will win.

*I reserve the right to back away from this statement should the need arise.


Hate that bald headed Cunnington.

We’ll win.

North will play the territory game, long kicks down the line their new mantra, but we will setup accordingly. Hooker will be back(!!), he and Francis will have a field day, and we will counter punch these cretins like it’s 2017.

McKenna and Saad to split the middle all game long.

Stringer to kick 4 from within 20 metres of goal.


Shades of Smash Hits.
Hooker will be back, Back, BACK!

Love it.

Great to see North’s biggest bandwagon flog gives us no chance.

They will dominate hitouts, contested possession and I50’s but ultimately without reward. We will intercept in the back half and win quality clearances through our ability to get the ball to the outside and explode with pace from stoppages. They’ll bring some serous physical pressure in the contest but their forward half pressure isn’t anything to write home about and we wont allow them the number of marks I50 they got last week against the Saints.

Literally nobody is picking us

We beat these kents by 60 earlier in the year

They’ve been overhyped big time by beating a battling Pies and average Saints

Rhyce Shaw SuperCoach

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I’m not sure he understands how sliding doors works


The spirit of Larson lives on in Barrett’s column.



One of my all-time favourite comics that one.

Whenever I push on a door that is a pull I always mutter to myself, “school for the gifted”.


Larson was beyond genius.


It’s not a replacement game, there last one was a few weeks ago v Collingwood.

Fk all of their fans will be their.


Not what you’d call a fair fight: 47,999 vs 1

If you are that ignorant of what is happening with the team and the individuals within the team would you please refrain from commenting at all?

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