The selected team vs Norf (2019 round 17): no change, but shenanigans with the VFL team naming

So only 5 of the 10 will attend?

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I’m keen as fark! It should be a cracker.


It probably comes down to how we handle their forward pressure off half back and from their mids to an extent.

We love run and carry but if there pressure is on it can’t be a difficult game style to execute

We still lack a tall target up forward. No doubt about it.

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we need to stop easy supply to their Brown

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Their forward pressure isn’t that great. They’re last in the comp for tackles I50 and total tackles. Their pressure numbers are only average.

Lol at the hype train.

Alright boys? Who gets Carey? Stringer going to have a tough time on Mick Martyn. Zac Clarke will have his work cut out for him with North playing both Capuano and McKernan…

Oh wait. It’s NOT 1996? It’s still the same group of one paced plodders we rinsed last time?


This game seems to be fully booked out. Guess I’ll be watching it at home.

GA available at the gate.

I find if you are there when the gates open you can go to Lv 3 and can bag a seat easily.

It’s those rocking up as the games is about to start that are stressed out looking for a seat.

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New thread- best edition of Smash Hits.

Smash Hits '96 was a must own for mine.

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I’m shocked it was still going then.
I thought it folded in the early nineties (and Countdown went before) and then Star Hits was briefly a thing.
Juke and Scene died and Juice came and went.

But @benfti knows all about this stuff.

We’ve removed our full back and full forward and captain and ruckman from our last win against them. Surely it’s an easy win for Norf? They couldn’t possibly choke.

I def remember Smash Hits CDs going strong through the 90s.

Maybe petered out around 2000?

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I probably just got old.

I feel like everyone’s life has a gap in pop culture knowledge between when you are into it yourself and when you’re exposed to it because your kids are into it.


Some interesting observations at our training


Coming of age game for Parish, Langford, Clarke and Guelfi. North are nothing if not hard units in the middle. If those 4 in particular can at least hold their own and help pull off a win, might be a bit of turning point for their careers…


The media are doing a good job of labelling North tough. Shinboner spirit? They’ve been as soft as butter at times this year, but yeah lets recreate history due to a months footy and label them tough.


They may be slow as treacle but Ziebell and Cunnington have been hard units for a lot longer than just the last month.

Agree with you on the whole Shinboner w&nk however…

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