The selected team vs Norf (2019 round 17): no change, but shenanigans with the VFL team naming

Ha. Looks like a snapchat filter has been used.


It’s on there website, tomorrow is not a replacement game.


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North smashed Collingwood…

On form very capable of doing the same.

We wont have the free kick count Saturday like we have enjoyed the last two weeks to stifle momentum.

Hard match.

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Most bookies are on us. Although there must be some money going on North because the odds are getting very close.

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There’s been a stack of money on North. They’ve come in from about $2.20 earlier in the week. They’ve been smashed. Be good to make a bunch of idiots lose a stack of money.

Genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if they started favourites.

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We just announced two coaches to go.

Put the house on us. :rofl:


They timed it better for finals this year!

Good ya going in underdogs

would you say the same about us ?
is the GWS win overstated cos they’ve lost 2 in a row and aren’t in good form ? plus having injuries galore yet again ?
or is it offset cos we have injuries and so on.

yes they beat an injured depleted richmond, we couldn’t. yes they beat a iffy collingwood, but again i’m betting if the tables were reversed and it was us that had of won the games, people around here would be using it as a fine example of how well we are going.

hell we have people doing that now, running around like it’s an achievement to be 4th form rated team since rd 11, having played 3 teams below us.

I’m not having a go at you fwiw, you seem to be balanced enough to see both sides.
I agree it’s a 50/50 game, but i also think if essendon play with the same poor skill level as the last few weeks, and north are even just 10% better than last time, it could get ugly.

all comes down to norths skills, if they have a good day, IMO we are ■■■■■■. if they have a iffy day then we probably win.

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Heart Bombers as he is a fan

Head North

Where I’m at

I’m not concerned about North.

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They’ve also lost to a lot of teams we’ve beaten. It’s not a great argument either way.

Smash Hits 87 was a ripper- I turned 10 that year and my favorite song was The Final Countdown.


Pump these ■■■■■.

Anyone of my vintage knows the hatred runs deep for this ■■■■ ant of a club.


Most of the media types have tipped North because they have jumped on the Shaw bandwagon - they are in love with Shaw - “isn’t he just so refreshing”.

The rest may have actually done a proper assessment of form and injuries.

FMD it must get confusing following a mob who play home games that aren’t home games then have away games that are home games. Arseholes.

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I actually think the opposite. They’re pumping him up so North have a really hard decision to make. Better story that way.

There’s some definite caveats on that win. To be honest I felt like GWS barely got it out of 3rd fear all night and thought they had it won.

You see I actually reckon if we torch the footy going I50 like we have it’ll just be close and tight like our games have been owing to our sound defensive structures. But we’ve absolutely got the strengths to run over the top of them as the game opens up and there was signs last week that they were starting to tire.
I just don’t see this being a blowout at all unless we legit don’t show up a la Rnd 1 or West Coast. Big part of the game will be our ability to break up their long kicks down the line and then transition from those.

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I understand everyones edginess. Our form this year has been up and down and very frustrating.

I truly believe we have turned the corner. A bit like last year only earlier.

Keep cuntington, Zeibel and that hairy ■■■■ who has a 100 meter run up (this helps with his meters gained stat) and they have farking nothing

We will smash these farkers and destroy their confidence for the next decade.