The sooking about “woke” thread

Wait? This whole thread started because some bell end said something to do with Walla was woke? point me in their direction so I can ■■■■ in their cereal.


Obviously this needs to be clarified so ■■■■■■■■ can know specifically what to wet their pants over.

Welcome to country is traditionally performed by an elder, who is usually descended from the people who have inhabited the land you stand on for thousands of years.

Acknowledgment of Country is when non indigenous Australians formally acknowledge they are on the land that has history that predates British colonisation. It is also not divisive, it’s historically accurate, and technically correct, which we all know is the best kind of correct.


That’s pretty general too though. There is so much nuance to an issue/topic that someone can strongly disagree with aspects but disagree in principle.

The Trans thing is one of these complex examples. Many people do not care about adults changing their gender and expressing themselves however they want, but there’s also the sporting side or child transitions that people adamantly oppose…and just because you oppose these things it doesn’t make you anti-trans or anti-[insert social issue].


I had to laugh reading this:

This is what happens lots when the woke have been given too much ‘influence’, they mean well …. BUT sometimes they are way too hasty making their woke noise to see where or what that noise leads to


Absolutely. Some people hide behind this though. For example some people are extreme homophobes or racists and won’t admit it, but they will constantly point out the gay pedophiles and any Sudanese gang problems which are less controversial to discuss.


Good article and suggestions. If you’re supposed to be impartial then the right decision would be to cover both sides of the story in separate segments. Obviously hint at the atrocities/other side but save the deep dive for another time.

What makes me sad, is the rapid disintegration of ‘grey’ in Australia approach to social topics or history. Very few things are so black and white as to be binary wrong/right.


True, people are manipulative and deceitful. Always be conscious of those with agenda to push…no matter what side of the coin.


You are 100% wrong. There is plenty of Grey left.

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That is how farking media reports it, not how Australia is. In general we are amongst the most open minded place there are, with more freedoms than most.

Few journalists give a rounded story and none just present the facts. They write it to make it more topical which is how they now teach in journo school, as well as cutting all lessons on ethics.


Duh, of course there’s grey…I was alluding to the public conversation. As @Bacchusfox suggested, this is predominantly led by MSM on both sides. ■■■■■■■ poison…ABC included.

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The grey isn’t disintegrating, it’s everywhere, but people being convinced of only black and white, mainly by social media algorithms.

It’s why all these jacked up numptys think woke is everywhere, they can’t stop clicking on the content talking about it, and it’s filling all their social feeds, making them convinced the oogidy boogity wokity non binary person is going to jump out of the shadows and force them into refugee feminist veganism.

It completely hilarious.

they all need a cup of hot bov


I’m disappointed there was no reference to latte sipping inner city people


Pretty much.

Balanced or ‘grey’ opinions / topics don’t get clicks or engagement.

Society is nowhere near as divided as the online world would have you believe.


My sock used to be 10 inches long, then I became woke…

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the anti-wokes realised they like coffee.


notice how much more outrage there is about ‘woke’ since the apartheid baby bought twitter?

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I dunno about that.
You only have to have a look through the comments on some stories on Twitter to see some of the vile stuff that people say to each other if they have different beliefs on something. It’s farked up.

Yeah, but I’m not seeing that anywhere near as much in real life.


goated thread

less than 200 posts and we’ve already hit usual suspect bingo

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Yes and no. For example, observing people that had differing views on the COVID vaccine seemed to bring out the worst in them. I had work colleagues that mentioned they were childhood friends, had a falling out over it and then never spoke to each other again. Crazy.