The sooking about “woke” thread

The biggest problem with that, is that we were all in lockdown for two years, so many of those conversations were had online. And everyone was stuck on there.

I find that real life, in-person discussions are still far more nuanced than the online world.

But the COVID/ vaccine stuff is a good example. Because most of the discussion was had online, and there were only two very contrasting narratives being discussed.


oddly enough dont have people ringing my door bell telling me to become transgender.

yet every ■■■■■■■ year these religions psychos are trying to convert me to JW.

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This guy is one of the anti woke flag bearers in Australia.

It makes it an easy binary decision. You either support him or you oppose him to make Australia a better place.

Personally I find it more annoying that you have to stand for the national anthem before every final or semi important game. I really don’t find it necessary. I get it for international sport. Much prefer welcome to country for footy.


Our national anthem sucks and I used to hate being forced to sing it. Couldn’t tell you the last time I did voluntarily.

Just a general comment completely unrelated to this thread.

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My youngest daughter had a school concert. They got the audience to stand and sing the national anthem. Why do I need to do that?

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I went to a few somber occasions where the national anthem was played and we would be forced to sing (work related), it always genuinely detracted from the occasion.

Because the reality is trans people are such a tiny minority, yet the media make it seem like every second person is trans.

so whos dog whistling then?

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Any chance Woke discussion, thread titles etc can be banned from Blitz so we can just have one safe space from it being even mentioned. Just asking

Thats woke man

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free thinkers in a turbulent sleep whispering ‘woke’ waking up in a cold sweat.

Have you seen what’s happened to Bud Lite after they used a trans person to head up their new advertising campaign ……sales are down 28% because many have boycotted (cancelled) Bud Light. The boycott has been led by Kid Rock I believe. Budweiser has had to start buying back Bud Lite from retailers because they cannot sell enough of the beer. There’s a push to also boycott Addidas after they used a trans model to showcase their latest women’s swimwear ………the cancel culture /boycotting is swinging both ways now. It’s crazy

Cancel culture has always swung both ways.

Refer to what happened to the Dixie Chicks after they publicly protested Bush and the Iraq War as just one example.


sinead oconnor calling out the pedo party.

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Oh it even happens on Bomber Blitz …….I could name names but honestly I don’t take it as seriously as others - if someone has a different view I’m cool with that. But ‘playing the man’ is a favourite of many on here. It says more about those getting abusive than it does about the person they’re attacking


From my point of view, I don’t care what party you follow, if they engage in “culture wars” then they are probably lacking in anything approaching a coherent policy platform.
Maybe it’s my age or the people I hang around with but some aspects around trans issues have been the hardest to deal with. For instance the story time with drag queens thing. On one hand my view was that it was non compulsory. If you want to have a drag queen read a story to your kid fine. Take 'em. If you don’t want your kid to hear a story from a drag queen, don’t take 'em. At the same time why is it so important to have a drag queen tell your kid a story. It’s got me a little beat there.
I also really dislike people giving dirty names to perfectly innocent things. This whole reference to “grooming” whenever the right refers to LGBTQ… is disgusting.

To me the importance is the concept of inclusion for all, so one day no one will bat an eye lid about who is telling a kids story.

Also variety is the spice of life.

Don’t want this to be taken the wrong way.

But ive also wondered why there isnt a “**** off from my country”

Id probably definitely understand and think fair point.