The sooking about “woke” thread

What did the Original Inhabitants of England do when they were conquered by

  1. Celts
  2. Romans
  3. Anglo Saxons
  4. Vikings
    Resulting in their lands and people becoming a blend and mix of various races/ethic backgrounds and cultures?

even that’s reading too far into it for mine.

they’re a performer in a costume. previously confined to nighttime shows, some have found a way to also get paid for daytime shows.

respect the hustle.

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This sums up some of the madness around cancel culture

Fought wars?

have you considered the impact the cost of living crisis is seeing people not buy alcohol in the most poverty stricken developed nation in the world?

Border line developed

Far left and far right are as crazy as each other!


No but happy for you to explain @barnz. I think you’re implying that due to cost of living pressure beer sales are down and this might explain the Bud Lite drop off in sales?

The 28% referred to in the NBC article is the decline since the campaign to boycott began (that’s my read on it) - which is only the last few months. AB InBev (owner of Budweiser and Bud Lite) shares have fallen more than 10% since the new Mulvaney campaign went live. Either way it’s a ■■■■ show for Budweiser

I genuinely think that’s a big part of all this sort of panic in general.

The cost of living crisis, inflation etc are very real issues that are impacting millions of people globally, and very little is really getting done to address it in any meaningful way, and its not something that the free market is going to address, and the reality of that is too much to bare for a lot of people.

So they get wrapped up in conspiracy theories like Jennifer Aniston was a bloke and is an agent for the transmafia etc.

Honestly its why people need to not get so aggressive in their attacks on people who fall foul to that sort of propaganda, there is every chance it’s a symptom of someone doing it really tough in other areas of their lives.

It’s hard, because some of the stuff that comes out is mind-numbing and completely irrational.


its pretty simple, ciggs and booze drop first in a recession

I mean honestly, imagine getting so wound up about a beer company spokesperson being trans that you make videos of you mowing down a table of slabs from that company with an SMG

this is not the behavior of emotionally balanced people.


Yep, it’s pure coincidence that Bud Light sales plummet as soon as a trans person is put on the can. People can’t honestly believe that it’s anything other than that?

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Is it actually crazy?

People don’t like what the brand stands for, they’re buying something different.

Scared idiots are a viable market segment too.


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I totally believe that it’s impacted them, to ignore that is just mental backflipping.

I also think anyone who has that much of an issue with a company trying to appeal to a different market has issues that FAR, FAR exceed a trans spokesperson for a beer company.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand it cuts both ways, if a Beer company went out and got say Andrew Tate to be their spokesperson, you’d get an outcry from a metric ■■■■ tonne of people on the opposite side of the spectrum.

The devil is in the detail though, there is a difference.

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The brand stands for making beer and making profits. If you’re so sensitive that a trans person being used to market the alcohol that you don’t want to consume it anymore, then you are ■■■■■■ in the head.

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people who have pushed the Bud boycott are telling people to buy Coors, has Coors seen a jump equal to the decline in Bud sales? If if has there is your answer. I doubt it though.

Without looking it up I would say there has been a drop, but probably not 27% so there is every chance that there is merit to both suggestions.

Kid Rock fans.

I mean who on earth is even kid Rock?

Sounds like something a redneck would do to their cousin.

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A southern rocker, from that traditional southern town of Detroit Michigan.

More importantly, about the only musician who played Trump’s inauguration. That’s his market.

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