The Tennis Thread - from Jan 2020 (Part 2)

Rapt for Novak. Definitely my favourite amongst “the three”.

Proving to be the most successful men’s player… which ever way you want to look at it.


Margaret Court and Novak Djokovic tied on 24 Slams now. That would trigger a few :sweat_smile:

You’d think at some point next year he’ll work his way into the most slams outright.

squeeze in an Olympic medal too maybe

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The media are idiots as we all know. Medvedev is a really interesting guy and not the bad guy that they portray at times


Yeah Medvedev is actually pretty hilarious and grounded. My favourite tennis personality at the moment.

Djokovic is just an animal. As much as I want to see the back of him, I want to see the kids rise up and start beating this guy double their age while he’s still at his peak rather than him fade away and lesser players take his mantle. Other than Alcaraz no one is in his league.

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No debate now Novak the is the clear GOAT

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Nah, Nalbandian for me. Less slams, but ate meat and partied harder.


He certainly sweated more. Bloke was dripping after 20 minutes on court.

Sweating off the booze he consumed 4 hours earlier.

Thought Medvedev could win but have learnt never to underestimate the Joker. Will Margaret Court be on site at the Oz Open if Joker gets his 25th GS.

He’ll call himself the GOAT package.

Halep suspended for 4 years :worried:.

Naturally it’s hard to have any trust in anti-doping agencies so this is probably another stitch-up

Jeepers. 4 years is huge.

She of the multiple retroactive TUE :sweat_smile:

Did Serena dodge a drug test at one stage? I can’t recall.

Thats harsh 4 years is too much imo

Refused one with no consequences afaik, and another time locked herself in a panic room to be safe from “intruder” (drug tester).


Agreed. I hate the anti-doping bodies but most sporting bodies are stupid for signing up to them and accepting their blanket doping bans.
The 4 years is made for Olympic sports where they’re trying to ban a player from 1 Olympics. That doesn’t make sense for a sport that doesn’t have the Olympics as its main event. Those sports should be deciding their own apppropriate penalties

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