The truth (about the history of Blitz)


You’re weird. I like that.


Does anyone like wings?


I miss Dimma.
We could use him in the DJ thread.


I like wings but think you’re the only freak that likes to eat them while in the bath.


Maybe. I never read that one. May even have muted it.

But about football…no!


He went a bit funny at the end.
Met Malthouse once and suddenly everything Malthouse said was gospel.
It happens.

But I honestly do miss hearing him talk about music.


H[quote=“WindyHillWindSock, post:271, topic:13559, full:true”]
This is the problem for you guys that think supporting a football team guarantees you something. 15 mediocre years…ohh poor us!
Choose to support or choose not to. St Kilda was founded 150 years ago and has won one flag. They are hard to win and that’s why it’s so enjoyable when and if it happens.
WOB says ‘you’ll find your tipping point, you will, trust me’. Well WOB, I won’t, because I’m a dons supporter and that’s what supporters do, we support. We disagree with selection, board members, coaching appointments, which way we kicked when we won the toss but we support. Don’t peg your life to the success or otherwise of a sporting club. There are no promises.

I don’t want to speak for WOB, but pretty sure he is not saying that the lack of winning is the problem, but rather the attitude that everything is all good. Excusing mediocrity. We are essendon. Why should we benchmark ourselves to the saints? Is that all we should hope for? Last time I looked, essendon had the most premierships in the afl… perhaps we should benchmark ourselves against successful clubs and realise that we are lacking in the last 15 years.


So everyone should be able to post opinions and feelings, and no matter how off base and ridiculous they are, be free from judgement. If so, what’s the point of this whole forum?

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

Flying off the handle to this extreme because your favourite 7-7 team lost a game they weren’t expected to win is absolutely ridiculous.


I’m ■■■■■■ off with so much about this season, but yesterday isn’t amongst them. I disengaged after Carlton. Yesterday was a very good effort, undone by poor finishing.


Excuse me sir, you mean fark carlton.

Post reported


the majority of that comes of those supporters who think they are better than the rest at supporting Essendon. The same one’s who don’t have the balls to actually give an opinion just bag out others who express theirs


See ya!


You mean the ones that don’t throw a tantrum and want to sack everybody when we lose?


maybe, but everyone has their breaking point.

As for the top point i have no issue with that. As long as those lining up to sink the boots in remember that when the shoe is on the other foot they will cop it as well


Have you ever tried it? It’s great!




Nope - I’ll just have to take your word for it hehe. Don’t have a bathtub either at my place so will probably have to forgo what you think is one of life’s great pleasures.


Isn’t Noonan the guy that poshots every poster personally and praises himself on his beloved ignore list? Not sure he’s the one to take moral high grounds on anything.


Smythy here. Back from the dead. Been a long time in purgatory. But its me.

Glad to see nothing has changed onfield in the five years i have been gone.


Remembered your password?