The truth (about the history of Blitz)


only a puss uses the ignore function on a forum…so yeah that sounds like him


You remembered your password at last!


Yep. Back in town.


This is what you do, and for everyone else playing at home, take note. Warm yourself up a bath, personally I like it real hot but some wierdos like it luke warm but that’s for better men to judge. Then make sure you have yourself some tasty wings at your disposal, I’d go for Southern Fried Chicken as BBQ etc gets sticky and you’ll make your bath turn a brown colour before too long. Have yourself a wiping towel nearby, as you’re not eating in the bath, more so leaning over for each bite. The trick is to make sure you’re not dropping bits into the bath but I call a rule that if it’s not too wet it’s fair game.


Hey @westozziebomber

So sorry to see you’re feeling this way. It’s easy for people to say ‘toughen up’ or ‘it’s just a game’ but sometimes it’s way more than that.

Joy and hope are emotions that see us through tough times. I’ve had stages in my life where the only joy and hope have come from my footy team. Thankfully they were short stages, but I know what I feels like to be that invested.

That two hours of escapism on the weekend when you can lose yourself in footy. That euphoria of a win that carries you through the week. The anticipation of the next week.

I hope you reconsider. You’re important here.


Wob I suggest you try some wings in a bath


I think this thread should no longer be rated pg. Oh why won’t you think of the kids reading this?


I know what you’re all thinking…but I like BBQ wings…trust me, no good for a bath. They get too sticky, so you need water firstly to cleanse and then a wiping towel to dry. Southern Fried means no black bits floating around…well, no wing related black bits.


Where does this endless supply of wings come from?


Local place does pretty good wings, $1 per wing with some sauce. You can’t do it every week, more so every 2nd weekend. Only problem is SOMETIMES they either over salt them or sometimes there’s still hairs on them which can put you off a bit.


I’m pretty sure you’ve said this a few times.

I personally think that’s a pretty outdated view, considering 150 years ago people weren’t paying as much to “support” clubs.

And while paying money, investing emotionally etc etc doesn’t guarantee you success or the like, like it or not, this is now a business.

and business is about getting results and value for money. that is an expectation when a club continues to “expect” money from it’s “supporter” base.
and supporters are allowed to expect at the very least change.

yeah the last 7 odd weeks have been good and a little bit of a change, but can you honestly sit there and say as a club as a whole, they have learnt from recent mistakes and will change their current course ?

mind you like it or not, this club repeated a same mistake it’s made across the last 2 coaches and re signed them early in the season into their last year of a short contract.
they sill pick injured players.
they still pick players based on name instead of output
the pick underdone players.
and so on and so on.

you might sit there and be happy with not expecting anything in return, that’s fine. But others may expect the EFC to learn from past mistakes, make sure they don’t happen again, and at least give off the impression they are trying everything possible.


Lol. Hairy wings. That’s not selling it for me.


wow, so wobs passionate is his free pass got it.


I think you count with the fingers on your hand who would get away with starting a thread like this.


It threw me off a few times but no one else does wings decently so I can cop it a few times


Most of them would still be memories in a thread a few years from now ‘best threads on blitz’

‘when wob had his meltdown’


Are you a fan of wings Barnz?


not particularly.


for those who remember
bomberdomination18 hahahahah … nope