The truth (about the history of Blitz)


For some it was the Carlton loss, for some it was this one, personally the writing was on the wall in the second quarter or JLT one, and it’s been a ■■■■■■■■■■■ of ineptitude, and excuses ever since.

For some clubs this would be totally unacceptable, a turning point, for Essendon it is 2018.



Not THAT wiping towel


Maybe I should have read the thread further than the first paragraph.

Wob. Take all the time you need. No one can begrudge you that, it’s been a sh*t 15 years. We’re long odds to go anywhere this year anyway. But when Joey and Raz are up and about next year we’ll have a seat kept warm for you.


not going to lie, i was getting a little worried


But,but it’s only JLT so who cares


JLT results don’t matter, how you play, and who you play do.


mathematically we can still play finals.

although yeah getting a little tough.


Can’t throw vitriol at the guy that wants to delist the far from the worst performer on the weekend.


Mate I dont agree with the post. And I said so. Respectfully. Others went off tap. To do that do someone who’s clearly struggling a bit is not cool in my view. But that’s the internet as a whole I guess, not just Blitz


Well said @Darli


Regrettably, the ignore function doesn’t work on this forum so I can see the absolute tripe you two post.


Was going to suggest the only thing missing from this thread was @smythyhatesforgettin. Wish it it was true that you were him but at this stage I’m not a believer due to the following:

-far to calm - although maybe 5 years off Blitz could do that
-not a single filtered word used
-no quoting of yearly earnings


It’s a lot easier to bag the club when it’s down, than support it.
Lots of supporters in here went for the jugular during that bad patch, it was nauseous.
Where were the offerings of encouragement?
Now this joker from WA is grand standing on an internet forum that he’s had enough. What was he saying last week after we beat North? Was it -“I’m only one bad quarter away from giving up on the Dons”?


We got beat by a better side. We’ve been terrific of late. Harden up.


If you still barrack for us after the saga your passport is stamped as Essendon supporter for life.


Whoosh - stander2 delivers tough love the only way he knows how!


You bring up a good point. The saga nearly killed us. But yesterday Heppell was still busting his guts for EFC yesterday with the stench of the saga still hanging over him.
There’s a takeway for the OP staring right at him.




The saga would have destroyed most other clubs. There is something ■■■■■■ special about the club we follow to be so invested after that.

It’s something I definitely need to remind myself of as I am prone to ranting.