The truth (about the history of Blitz)


Are you hitting on me?

Wing bath time is always a good time despite not being a fan of too much spice myself.


You can’t go wrong with a shower beer or a bath beer. Right now I’m liking Wild Yaks.


Ain’t that The Truth…


I wouldn’t say we have turned it around until we see how we go in the next 6 or so games. In the past we have had these good spurts for 4-6 weeks where we’ve knocked off some good teams and won say 4 of the 6. With our remaining 7 games and 3 of them against average teams, it will be interesting how we go. If we go 5-2 or even 4-3 at worst then maybe we can say we turned a small corner. 3-4 and I would say it’s just another season like every other. Full of promise, deliver little.

Would also like to see Clarke, Mutch and Ridley play around 5 of the last 7 games


I agree we need to see it sustained for a length of time.

I’m concerned about the next month though. Injuries are going to bite pretty hard.


Thanks for your pedantry! Another valuable contribution to the Blitz! It was probably the fourth or fifth I skimmed over and the first I read in detail… but the order and the amount is what’s important isn’t it? You super sleuth you…




Hope WOB is doing ok in his Betty Ford equivalent for Blitz/Essendon supporters


He’ll be back the week of the Sydney game.
You watch !


He’ll be back when we lose to the suns


With that attitude you should maybe join WOB on the sidelines.


New Thread ?

The Truth : The Sequel


Ease up IT




Because i’m just joking and stirring the pot.


Pot doesn’t need stirring.

Fertiliser on the other hand …


Lid off? Excellent!



The truth is we have beaten:
Cats,WCE,Nth,GWS and lost to RICH 1st/Coll2nd with several injuries to manage of our own,
and some injuries against Coll that made us run out of legs.


Well as you can see, it’s kinda been rectified.
The problem was in the first 8 weeks of the year where we dropped games to teams we are now clearly better than.

The problem was:
A change to the dynamic of the side with the inclusion of the 3S’s, and the fact they had to all adjust to our style of play.
A change to the actual game style, than had an immediate impact of our ability to move the ball and have a chance to score. The players noting they too had issues buying in, doing all that was asked.
A noted communication issue within the coaching ranks.

These have all been rectified, and the wins above prove that the future is very bright.

That’s the truth.


Merde monsieur , merde.


Next year I want see what they trained over the summer put into practice during the JLT none of this “it’s only practice games lets experiment”