The truth (about the history of Blitz)


The only Storm I know.
Would not bang.




Have not stopped laughing at the GIF, that is quality.


Ever needed a poo whilst at a night club?

Now that’s a situation you never want to confront.


I’ve got a new job (so naturally I’m wasting time on blitz) and I’m trying to keep it together so I don’t draw attention to myself.


I have a new office with a door i can actually lock. Times like these are very much needed for locking the door


People will think you’re on ■■■■, but they’ll be shocked when they find out you’re actually on blitz.


Is that what happened with you?


I’ll have you know that Spacey is very generous with my internet priveleges.


Hold my Beer


I wouldn’t call an hour a week generous.


What the hell are you talking about?



Yes. It’s called home time.


I am an '07 lurker as well with even less activity than you.


We’re some of the original girls!


Who knows



I remember bomber_girl coming on and posting in SMS talk. She was roundly abused and mended her ways.


B4 she cood say yo bro, i m sho u tld her off gd & proper. U ar da man.


I’ve just spent 10 minutes in the car laughing at a cartoon man ■■■■■■■ and pooing.