The truth (about the history of Blitz)


It’s so funny because it’s so true. Gotta wonder about some people.


This Thread…

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But I’m pretty sure I was on BomberTalk from 99ish, I remember asking if anyone had a spare room I could stay in for the 99 Prelim. I received some “interesting” responses.


So you’re a newbie then?


Not yet.


My favourite moment in Blitz history is when I was able to help Pazza put out that fire.

also: Screw the truncated username length on this system.


Pazza’s fireball/water moment was wonderful. As I recall @Diggers made a comment about cheersquads and either Pazza or Stevie_B said something and the other responded - I think Stevie_B told Pazza off and then all hell broke loose with fireballs, acts of bravery with cars and only a bit of water to save the day. It made for a very very very special and crazy thread.


It was a while ago so my recollection may not be entirely accurate but I remember @Your_Team getting involved with a “sorry, say that again Pazza?” and then history was made.


None of us ever even knew 1/5 (*figure correct at time of posting) of the information that came across Pazza’s desk.

I want to know where this desk is.


WOB has walked away from all this, just because our football team is mediocre.


You can understand why Kim Jong-un has those men with notebooks scribing what’s happening.
Otherwise, great moments are unfortunately lost to server crashes and failing memories.


More proof that the media plagiarises Blitz relentlessly.


they are shameless



Reminds me of a time, a friend of mine, she had been raised about being careful about what you might pick up on the toilet seat when you went out. She is teaching me how to balance and stand with a foot up on each side of the toilet. It was a drop dunny. I lost my balance and one foot went into the toilet. What a ■■■■■■ mess.

She was laughing that much she couldn’t speak. I had to throw my shoes away. Later, I thought it was very funny but messy.


You stood in s#it, your friend laughed at you, so you thought you’d tell everyone on the internet about that time you stood in s#it?


cmon man, elaboration required here!


I was responding to Deckham. And many of us try stupid things when we are young.


tell me about it!


What’s wrong ele?


Some stupidier than others, right Poo-shoes?